Open Innovation

In our business model, partners with completely different backgrounds and very specialized or unique knowledge or expertise are brought together, ensuring the optimal application of state of the art knowledge in all required fields to work towards successful new businesses. 2M is always open to explore new partnerships and opportunities.
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Full Service Sensor Product Creation

Within 2M we are fully focused on creation of new (sensor) products. That is our passion. That is were 2M has its competences. Within the company we have most technical skills available to quickly turn concepts, ideas or research results into (functional) prototypes and products. We also can take care of product certification (medical and non-medical) and industrialization of the product so that it can be produced in volume without problems.
2M was founded in 2004 and currently consists of 15 employees and over 30 freelancers. More about the team…


2M develops and manufactures quality sensor products that solve real problems. We want to be the preferred SME research partner that translates research into real products and build strong and lasting relationships with established marketing and sales companies to develop for and with them to create the best solutions thinkable based on openness and honesty.


2M wants to contribute to a better, healthier and more sustainable world by creation innovations that preserve and improve society. Innovations that go beyond existing boundaries.