2M Engineering is a high-tech SME that contributes to a healthier and more sustainable world by creating & applying innovative (sensor) technology to create cool, new products that add true value. 

Our focus in on the development, certification and industrialization of complete medical and industrial sensing solutions. We can also take responsibility for production and/or product assembly. 

2M was founded in 2004 by Gillian Mimnagh and has a dedicated engineering team of 20 professionals. 

Medical Device Development

Innovative product creation

2M creates hardware products for currently unmet needs. We bring ideas from concept to commercial product.

Medical Devices and Wearables

Wearable vital signs monitoring for health & sports. Medical Point of Care devices. Smart photonics.

Industrial Sensor Solutions

Sensing under harsh conditions. Connected IoT solutions.

Our clients

Networked innovation is in the core of 2M’s DNA. We work together with a large number of organizations. Large and small companies, (academic) hospitals, research institutes, universities, care organizations. Overall long and lasting relations.
Our mandate is to own the technical proposition and risk. We always strive for partnerships for the commercialization.

Established companies

Look for innovations. Strong sales channels and market presence.

Medtech start-ups & scale ups

Help in product realization and medical device certification.


Early stage merge of product design with realistic smart technology.

Research & medical organizations

Joint product development. Early insights in clinical and rehabilitation needs.

Key Technologies

Measurement principles & sensor technology

Long (> 40 years) and extensive experience with a wide variety of sensing techniques for industrial & medical sensor applications.

Product creation & industrial experience

Track record in creation of new products. Ideation, proof of concepts, prototypes to certified product and production.

Biomedical & algorithm development

Biomedical signal processing and algorithm development and user validation testing. Industrial sensing in complex systems.

Photonic & laser based sensing techniques

Application focussed photonic sensing for medical or industrial applications. Fluorescence, laser, raman, image based.

Enabling competences

We are skilled in the following enabling competences and connected to leading technology players for highly specialized domains. This allows us to create complete end-2-end solutions and combine the right technologies for a specific application.

1. Miniaturization

Small & thin sized (wearable) products. Printed & textile electronics.

2. Low power design

Low power electronics and embedded software architectures.

3. Modular architectures

Modular building blocks in all technical disciplines.

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