2M Engineering is a high tech SME that creates innovative (sensor) solutions for medical devices, industrial systems and wearable solutions for e-health & sports. With a team of 20 highly skilled international, professionals, 2M realizes complete product developments, going from R&D through industrialization, (medical) certification and production. Our clients include established companies, startups, medical & research organizations. 2M Engineering is based in Valkenswaard, The Netherlands. 2M was founded in 2004.


2M wants to contribute to a better, healthier and more sustainable world by creation innovations that preserve and improve society. Innovations that go beyond existing boundaries.


2M develops and manufactures quality (sensor) products that solve real problems. We want to be the preferred SME research partner that translates research into real products and build strong and lasting relationships with startups and established marketing and sales companies to develop for and with them to create the best solutions imaginable.