Established in 2004, 2M Engineering is an esteemed privately-owned SME enterprise renowned for its cutting-edge proficiency in sensors. Our expertise is specifically applied in the domains of wearables, medical devices, and industrial and environmental Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

At 2M Engineering, our unwavering mission is to foster the development of technologies and products that contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world. We collaborate extensively with world-class research organizations and industrial partners across the globe, bridging the gap between groundbreaking research and practical innovation. Our focus lies in delivering solutions that not only meet stringent requirements but also exhibit cost-effectiveness and scalability for (mass) production.

Our diverse clientele encompasses both large multinational corporations and ambitious start-ups, united by their shared ambition to push beyond existing boundaries. We are proud to support our clients throughout their journey, from the initial idea phase to product development, certification (CE, ATEX, MDR), and ultimately, production.

At 2M Engineering, we are dedicated to transforming concepts into tangible realities, enabling our clients to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape.

Medical Device Development

Innovative Sensor Product Development

2M specializes in the creation of high-tech hardware products that address unmet needs in various industries. Our expertise lies in taking ideas from their conceptual stage and transforming them into fully realized, commercially viable products.

With a strong emphasis on innovation and cutting-edge technology, we work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements and translate them into tangible solutions. From brainstorming sessions to design and prototyping, we navigate the entire product development process with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.

Our team of skilled engineers, designers, and technicians leverage state-of-the-art tools and techniques to bring your ideas to life. We combine technical expertise with a deep understanding of market trends, ensuring that the final product not only meets your needs but also captivates your target audience.

Whether you have a groundbreaking concept or a specific problem that needs solving, 2M is here to turn your vision into a commercially successful reality. Partner with us to embark on an exciting journey of product creation and bring your ideas to market with confidence.

Devices & Wearables

2M Engineering pioneers wearable vital signs monitoring for health and sports, develops cutting-edge Medical Point of Care devices, and drives innovation in the realm of smart photonics.

Industrial & Environmental Sensor Solutions

2M Engineering excels in providing industrial and environmental sensor solutions, enabling sensing under harsh conditions and delivering connected Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Our Valued Partners

Collaborative innovation is deeply ingrained in the fabric of 2M’s identity. We proudly engage with a diverse array of organizations, ranging from large corporations to small enterprises, academic hospitals, research institutes, universities, and care organizations. Our commitment to fostering enduring relationships is evident in the longstanding connections we have nurtured over the years.

As an organization, we take on the responsibility of owning the technical proposition and risk, allowing our partners to focus on their core competencies. We strongly believe in the power of partnerships and actively seek collaborations for successful commercialization, ensuring mutual growth and prosperity.

Established Companies

In search of innovations, established companies benefit from our expertise in navigating strong sales channels and leveraging our market presence to drive growth.

Medtech Start-Ups & Scale-Ups

We provide invaluable assistance to medtech start-ups and scale-ups, aiding in product realization and facilitating the complex process of medical device certification.

Software companies

we also collaborate closely with software companies, offering our expertise in integrating hardware and software solutions to create comprehensive and seamless products that meet the evolving needs of the market.


By seamlessly merging product design with realistic smart technology at the early stages, we enable a seamless integration of aesthetics and functionality, ensuring a compelling user experience.

Research & Medical Organizations

Through collaborative product development, we forge strong partnerships with research and medical organizations, gaining valuable insights into clinical and rehabilitation needs at an early stage.

Key Technologies

Measurement principles & sensor technology

Long (> 40 years) and extensive experience with a wide variety of sensing techniques for industrial & medical sensor applications.

Product creation & industrial experience

Track record in creation of new products. Ideation, proof of concepts, prototypes to certified product and production.

Biomedical & algorithm development

Biomedical signal processing and algorithm development and user validation testing. Industrial sensing in complex systems.

Photonic & laser based sensing techniques

Application focussed photonic sensing for medical or industrial applications. Fluorescence, laser, raman, image based.

Enabling competences

We possess expertise in the following empowering skills and have established connections with prominent technology partners specializing in specific domains. This enables us to develop comprehensive end-to-end solutions and effectively blend the appropriate technologies for specific applications.


We excel in creating compact and slim-sized (wearable) products. We specialize in printed and textile electronics, enabling us to design and manufacture smaller devices.

Low power design

Our expertise lies in developing low power electronics and embedded software architectures. We are skilled in optimizing power consumption, ensuring efficient performance and longer battery life.

Modular architectures

We utilize modular building blocks across all technical disciplines. This approach allows us to create flexible and scalable solutions by integrating interchangeable components and modules.