Fiber optic sensor(s) for gas, water & hydrogen leakage detection

Smart fiber optic sensors

for condition-based maintenance of underground infrastructures

In this project, a living lab for condition-based maintenance of underground infrastructure by means of smart fiber optic sensor(s) and monitoring will be established by a consortium of SME companies and knowledge institutions, led by 2M Engineering.

Fiber optic sensor technology for pipes fittings and components

In the project, an innovative fiber optic sensor technology will be further developed and integrated in pipes, fittings and components, allowing continuous monitoring of the underground gas and water supply network, but also installations with hazardous gases in the process industry and other applications.

Safe transport of large scale hydrogen distribution

In this way, the underground pipeline network can also be made suitable and safe for the transport and large-scale distribution of hydrogen. Furthermore, the fiber optic sensor technology developed offers enormous opportunities for application in the next generation of telecom fibre optic networks.


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This project was made possible by a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund as part of OP-Zuid as well as the Provincie Noord-Brabant’. For more information see EFRO.

Innovation – new, cost efficient optic fiber sensor technology

The innovation in this project includes the development of a new, cost-efficient optic fiber sensor, and its integration into the existing production process of fittings, flanges, measuring systems and similar applications.

Continuous and remote monitoring of entire pipeline networks

This optical fiber, in combination with new sensors and an innovative optical measurement and readout system, will introduce the possibility of continuously and remotely monitoring the entire pipeline network.

Condition based maintenance

On the basis of the data obtained, selective maintenance can be carried out at locations where this is necessary, so-called condition-based maintenance. The optical technology that is co-developed and tested in this project is crucial for application in the next generation of telecom fibre optic networks.

Leakage detection for hydrogen networks

In addition, new measurement methods to determine and prevent leaks will be developed, which is particularly desirable for the future distribution of hydrogen.

Smart optical fiber sensor for condition based maintenance of gas, water and hydrogen networks

Added value of fiber optic sensor technology – reduce downtime and maintenance costs

The social added value of this development lies in the fact that condition-based maintenance of underground pipelines is made possible. The data obtained will make it possible to identify the exact location of problems, thus significantly reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Moreover, leaks of drinking water, natural gas and hydrogen can be prevented through timely maintenance. Such leaks result in major losses, costs and danger to people, animals and/or the environment.

Living lab for predictive condition and leakage monitoring of drinking water and gas distribution‘Application Focus Areas


It is expected that this project will have an enormous impact on the underground pipeline network in the Netherlands by enabling condition-based maintenance. The business case focuses on:

  • production and supply of sensors and hardware
  • production and supply of couplings and fittings with integrated sensors
  • provision of services such as CBM, measurements, testing and knowledge
  • Valuation of IP rights and licenses
  • valorisation and expansion of new knowledge for future developments and projects


2M Engineering Limited
Prince Kunststof Infra
FOCE Technology International B.V.
SMART Photonics
Delmeco Green Vision B.V.
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Fontys Lectoraat Applied Natural Sciences