Health & Industrial Sensor Solutions

2M creates innovative sensor products. 2M acts across the whole product creation chain from applied research to industrialized, certified products including production. The commercialization of products and new business is done by other companies.  2M  has build up a basket containing a large number of sensors, hardware, connectivity, software, smartphone app and signal processing building blocks, which allows 2M to quickly turn an idea into a real product. This modular design approach reduces risk as these building blocks are well tested, time and money.


2M has a strong track record in turning applied research into products. 2M initiates, coordinates and participates in various National and European research projects. We differentiate ourselves by always delivering what we promise.
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2M turns an idea into a concept and checks technical and financial feasibility. When feasible 2M builds a prototype or minimal viable product for further user testing.  2M can do this in short time and with low risk by re-using one of the many existing building blocks. Read more…


2M can turn ready prototypes into a product with low technical risk. 2M does not bring these prototypes to market themselves but always looks for suited business partners. The prototype specification still flexible and open for client requirements (OEM/ODM). Read more…


2M is skilled in translating prototypes into products. During the so-called industrialization the product is made ready for (mass) production. 2M creates products for startups, SME’s and large companies. Read more…


Intelligent LED Illumination
Raman Spectroscopy
Optical & Photonic Sensing Techniques

Internet of Things

The technology toolkit of 2M Engineering is highly suitable for creating Internet of Things applications, whether this concerns simple wearable sensors or complex industrial or medical challenges. 2M Engineering offers full service Internet of Things products and solutions. We cooperate with partners who are specialized in big data to supply turn-key solutions. Internet of Things solutions are realized with a strict time-to-market including certification & production.

IoT Wearable Sensor Products


Biomechanics, Accelero, Gyro, Magneto, ECG, (optical) HR, SPO2, Temp, PPG, GSR

Intelligent Signal Processing

Raw data to useful, accurate and validated information

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy), 3G, GPS, WiFi, RFID

Mechanics, Reliability, Certification