Health & Industrial Sensor Solutions

2M Engineering is a “one-stop-shop” for development of your health and industrial sensor solutions.

We develop, industrialize, certify and produce innovative products and support all phases of the product creation process. 2M turns ideas, research or early-stage prototypes into real products that add value to people’s livesOur clients include multinationals as well as SMEs seeking a partner for realization of their innovative products. We offer solutions for ODM production.

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Product Development & Industrialization

2M can take responsibility for the complete product creation process. At 2M we believe seeing is believing therefore we build functional prototypes at an early on stage to validate our ideas with real users. 2M is experienced in sensor solutions especially bio-sensors and optical lasers & sensors. Core technical disciplines include sensor technology, embedded software, signal processing, wireless connectivity, web, app and cloud.

Open Research & Innovation

2M has a long and proven track-record in working together with research institutes, universities, hospitals and (clinical) care institutes.  Together with these partners we turn ideas into reliable, accurate & practical to use solutions. Contact us when you have an idea or are looking for and SME partner to translate ideas or research into real products.

Technology & Business Incubation

2M offers results of open research and innovation projects to interested companies, entrepreneurs or early stage investors. These results can be finished products, functional prototypes, intellectual property or OEM/ODM developments. Contact us if you want to know more about the possibilities.

Innovative Laser Technology
Intelligent LED Illumination
Raman Spectroscopy
Optical & Photonic Sensing Techniques


2M can quickly turn an idea in a concept and check technical and financial feasibility.


Next step is normally to build a functional, working prototype. Together with end-users this prototype is step by step refined till all parties agree that it’s the best possible solution within the given constraints.


Last steps are to turn the tested functional prototype into a product ready to be made in larger quantities. This step is normally called industrialization and includes creation of production tools, CE certification and technical product documentation.


Then production of the product can start. 2M is flexible with respect to who takes responsibility of production.

Internet of Things

The technology toolkit of 2M Engineering is highly suitable for creating Internet of Things applications, whether this concerns simple wearable sensors or complex industrial or medical challenges. 2M Engineering offers full service Internet of Things products and solutions. We cooperate with partners who are specialized in big data to supply turn-key solutions. Internet of Things solutions are realized with a strict time-to-market including certification & production.

IoT Wearable Sensor Products


Biomechanics, Accelero, Gyro, Magneto, ECG, (optical) HR, SPO2, Temp, PPG, GSR

Intelligent Signal Processing

Raw data to useful, accurate and validated information

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy), 3G, GPS, WiFi, RFID

Mechanics, Reliability, Certification