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Making life better with smart sensing solutions

2M helps realizing unique ideas that benefit people. We help our clients develop their innovative sensor (hardware) solutions. We enable and accelerate innovations that benefit health, wellbeing and sustainability. Our support delivers results every time: from cutting healthcare costs and speeding up diagnoses to contributing to a better environment.

2Ms unique people act as an extension of your team, taking responsibility and ownership where required. Your challenges are mapped and matched to our technology and know-how.

We analyze requirements, find the most suitable sensors, define and prove concepts, involve partners if required, and can prepare for industrialization and prototyping. 2M provides end-2-end solutions and products. Our integrated medical certification capabilities make us the ideal partner for medtech product developers and scaleups.

Do you have a technical challenge you’d like to discuss? A great idea you’d like to realize? With leading-edge technology and support we can help you develop products that can be manufactured for the right price, in the right quantities.

Sports wearables
Innovative Industrial Sensors
Medical device development

Developing certified medical solutions

2M develops end-2-end certified medical devices and solutions.

We create research tools, clinical solutions and Point of Care diagnostic devices for hospital, rehabilitation, care and/or home use.

Together with our clients we develop, industrialize and medically certify (CE-IVD, 2a, 2b) these new medical solutions.

2M is also experienced in production and assembly and choosing a setup that matches the clients requirements.

Advanced Wearable Product Development

Developing advanced wearables

2M has an extensive track-record in creating a wide variety of advanced wearables. We focus on accurate, quality solutions  for:

  • medical applications
  • sports
  • e-health

Our focus is on realization of the wearable device including development of smart algorithms.

We offer complete connected sensor solutions consisting of web, cloud and mobile apps.

High-Tech Industrial Sensor Solutions

High-tech industrial solutions

2M creates accurate and reliable industrial sensor & IoT solutions.

2M can takes the full technical and product responsibility. Commercialization is done by our clients.

2M has extensive expertise with a wide range of measurement and sensing techniques and is used to provide solutions for almost any condition.

2M is experienced with ATEX certification and industrial sensor production.

Projects in close cooperation with our clients

Automated cell platelet counter

Point of Care Blood Diagnostics

University hopsital of Maastricht validated the PC100 platelet counter and jointly create the PoC innovations for tomorrow.

Dashtag wearable sensor development

Dashtag Personal Soccer Tracker

For Dashtag 2M developed and validated all device algorithms, the embedded device software and the complete electronics.

Motion Sensor Suit for VR rehabilitation gaming

Motion Sensor Suit for rehabilitation gaming – VR/AR

2M creates a 9DOF motion sensor suit for rehabilitation gaming at home for InmotionVR. 2M has an SDK available for easy integration for other medical and e-health applications.

Lode ECG data logger

Bluetooth ECG/data streamer & logger

For Lode 2M created a multi-sensor wearable device that  stores or streams 2-lead ECG, 3D acceleration, magnetoscope,  gyroscope, and light information. 

SleepID Sleeptracker

SleepTracker to assess sleep patterns

For Sleeptrade 2M developed the SleepID sleeptracker to assess people’s sleep. 2M created the complete hardware product including certification and production.

TCS Sensor - Accurate measuring wear within industrial compressors

Howden Thomassen Industrial wear sensor

For Howden Thomassen compression systems 2M developed an industrial wear sensor that measures wear inside large compressors as used in the petrochemical and other industries. 2M did ATEX certification and is responsible for production.

Lazersport Inclination Sensor

Lazersport Real-time feedback Inclination Sensor

2M developed all algorithms, embedded software and electronics for the Lazersport Inclination sensor including CE certification and production.


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