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Point of care & photonics sensing solutions
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Wearable sensor products – medical, e-health & sports
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Rugged high-tech sensor innovations & IoT sensor solutions
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New product creation & development
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Who we are

2M is a high-tech product development company specialized in innovative sensor products with expertise in medical product development, wearable products, IoT solutions & industrial se­nsors – we turn ideas into products.

Our clients

2M works with a wide variety of clients and partners. Mostly long term relationships built on mutual trust and understanding. Open, honest, deliver what we promise and sharing risks & rewards. We work a lot, but not exclusively, for

  • Established companies (SME & Multinational) – Established players looking for innovative sensor solutions.

  • Startups – The combination of a startup’s creative ideas & business drive and 2M product creation skills is a winning strategy for both.

  • Medical & research organizations – 2M turns ideas into user/patient testable prototypes, so that the researchers can focus on the real added (medical) value. Our prototypes are always straightforward to turn into real products.

What we do

We work as an extension of your team to create your sensor products. Our team of 20 highly skilled professionals realizes complete product developments, going from R&D through industrialization, (medical) certification and production.

2M delivers technical innovation, creativity, practicality, deep experience, professionalism and honesty. On time and on budget – and always with your business goals in mind.

We live & breathe technology which allows us to turn broad concepts and ideas quickly and with high quality into user friendly and practical to use and manufacture product solutions.

Product Research


Need help to turn (medical) research into products? Getting your innovations into the hands of (a large number of) people, which directly benefit? 2M can help. We work closely together with leading (medical) research & clinical organizations to step by step create the solutions of tomorrow.

Product Development

Product Development

Want to have your envisioned application build according to your requirements? 2M is the right partner. We create practical and high quality products based on your requirements. Product development can be smooth, fast and with low technological risks using 2M’s existing platforms and building blocks.

Testing & CE certification

Testing & certification

2M is experienced in dealing with the complexities of biomedical, biological and biomechanical applications. Besides technical verification, testing under real life conditions with actual users is essential to ensure validity and improve robustness of created algorithms against natural variations. Therefore we believe for this type of applications in fast prototyping and learning and understanding the underlying mechanisms and challenges of the specific application.

We can help you with CE certification processes for non-medical, medical and industrial products including all documentation required. We can help and advise how to approach the CE certification process in the most practical way.

Sensor Product Production


We handle the complete production based on our client’s requirements including electronics, mechanics and all other necessities. With our partners we can offer fast delivery of small volumes to price optimized large volumes produced in China. Not having own production gives us the flexibility to give your an objective advise best fitting your situation. Of Course you can also decide to handle production yourself.

We create all production test procedures & tools for automated and high quality volume production. First prototypes we build in-house for fast cycle times and maximum flexibility. Via our partners we can offer extremely cost effective tool making for injection molding of plastic or metal parts.

Latest Publications

An overview of our last public publications.

TU/e and 2M receive research funding to develop technology that prevents sports injuries

In 2016, 121,000 people in the Netherlands sought emergency care for sports injuries. Every year, there are 4.5 million injuries in the Netherlands, accounting for 5 million euros in direct medical costs. Half of these [...]

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