Industrial Sensor Development

2M creates industrial sensor solutions to improve safety, reduce maintenance cost and increase and optimize efficiency of industrial processes and applications by providing better information. 2M creates standalone industrial sensor solutions and Internet connected IoT solutions. 2M’s focus is on creating breakthrough innovations in the hardware and sensors of these solutions. 

We start by understanding what information a client needs and the possible technical solution to realize this using our unique skills in sensors and measurement technology. Together with the client we provide creative and practical solutions during the entire process from idea to product.

Our capabilities

  • Measure optical, mechanical, physical or chemical parameters with high accuracy and repeatability.
  • Measure in harsh environments: exposure to aggressive materials, extreme dynamic or static conditions.
  • Improve throughput times, yield or reduce service expenses.
  • Have a proven track record within the gas and oil industry.


Accurate & Reliable Industrial Sensors

2M’s industrial sensor development projects focus on turning industrial measurement problems into products that reliably and accurately measure a wide variety of physical properties under almost any condition.

2M takes the full technical and product responsibility. Commercialization is typically the role of our clients.

Industrial sensors for extreme environments

2M has a track record in creating innovative sensor solutions that are 100% fitted to a specific environment. We are used to create solutions that perform well in harsh environments for example high-pressures, temperatures, aggressive gasses and fluids.

We create practical new sensor solutions for real problems and challenges in the field. We start with the requirements of our clients and come up with the best possible technical sensing solution.

Industrial sensor development

2M has extensive expertise with industrial sensor development for a wide range of measurement and sensing techniques. This allows us to quickly come up with a solution and proof technical feasibility.

  • Measurement solutions for (aggressive) fluids & gasses
  • Innovative sensor solutions for machinery and equipment
  • Low-cost IoT solutions for large infrastructures and installations
  • Water management and agro food

ATEX Certification

2M creates complete solutions including industrial device certification (ATEX), production, and calibration.

Industrial Sensor Solution
TCS Sensor - Accurate measuring wear within industrial compressors

Example Howden RSens wear sensor 

The RSens measures tear and wear within large compressors  used in the petrochemical industry. This dramatically reduces maintenance and service costs, increases safety and results in increased machine uptime. The Industrial Wear Sensor is designed to work under extreme conditions like aggressive gasses or fluids, static and dynamic pressures up to 350Bar and temperatures up to 200°C.

Technical Specifications

  • Measurement range 0-3mm with 0.1mm resolution.
  • Static pressure up to 350 Bar and dynamic pressure swings up to 150 Bar.
  • Temperatures up to 150°C. Dynamic temperature compensation during use.
  • Resistant against aggressive chemicals and gases.

Role of 2M Engineering

  • Technical feasibility
  • Prototype development & field testing
  • Patent creation
  • Product development & industrialization
  • ATEX certification explosion zone 0, T1-T4
  • Production including assembly & QMS by 2M
  • Commercialization by Howden Compression Systems

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Examples of our products and current projects

Our sensor solutions include: industrial machinery, power and utilities, telecom instrumentation, vending equipment, security equipment.
We build our products on custom or of-the-shelf sensors depending on the specifications.