Textile wearables

Textile wearables & biosensors

Wearable Textile Electronics biosensors can provide detailed insight in certain medical conditions, track performance improvements or provide insight how a person responds under extreme physical or mental conditions.

Medical, athlete sport and military applications

For a wide range of medical, athlete sports and military applications having a personal monitoring system to inform the user or other involved parties about his/her physical state can offer detailed insights that otherwise would go unnoticed.

Wearable Textile Electronics for sports applications
Flight Sensing Shirt for Aeolus

Biosensors that work under extreme conditions

Worldwide, many biosensors or wearables are available or in development to measure the physical state of the human body. However, several studies show that those wearables are not (yet) suitable for use in the extreme conditions. 2M is specialized in creation of textile electronics biosensors that accurately and reliably measure under extreme conditions. Solutions that are comfortable to wear over long periods without disturbance.

Difference between textile wearables and patches

Health patch technology is sticked directly to the skin of a patient or user. Wearable textile electronics is fully integrated into clothing and makes a more indirect contact with the skin.

For biosensors that require a good skin contact like ECG, EOG, EEG and EMG health patch technology often superior in performance and robustness against movement artifacts. The benefit of wearable textile electronic biosensor is however that it provides a more non-invasive solution that is more comfortable to use in daily life.

One stop shop for textile wearables

2M delivers together with partners complete integrated wearable textile solutions. Solutions that process raw data and turn it into useful information. This information can be used for direct real-time tactile feedback or visualized in an app or aggregated into higher level reports. We provide a one-stop-shop for complete textile wearable products including web/app and cloud connectivity.

Customized biosensors

Specific applications do require sometimes completely new biosensors. Biosensors that creatively use existing technological possibilities in new ways enabling new applications. 2M can support creation of these new innovations from idea to product. It all starts with the right idea.

Flight Sensing Shirt – Aeolus

Physiological monitoring for military pilots and aircrew

  • Reliable & sustainable measurements under extreme conditions
  • Improve performance of piot-aircraft teaming
  • Use in flight and during training
  • Mitigate Unexplained Physiological Events (UPEs)

Joint effort of Holst, TNO Soesterberg, Elitac & 2M Engineering

  • Sensors ECG, Bio-impedance, acceleration
  • Stretchable electronics printed on fabric
  • Heart rate, breathing rate, G-force, dehydration.
    Data processing
    Feedback through app
  • Seamless intergration into pilot undergarment
    Redundant sensor positioning
    Compliant with safety regulations

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