Wearable Sensor Technology

2M Engineering has build a wearable sensor technology platform that consists of essential building blocks. This enables 2M Engineering to quickly make a translation of your application into a wearable sensor product that meets your requirements.

Wearable Sensor Technology enabling new applications

The 2M wearable sensor technology platform consists of various building blocks. Think here of a standard of sensors for which hardware and embedded software libraries are available off the shelf to quickly enable new applications:

  • Accerlero, Gyro, Magnetometer sensors- 9 DOF of movement
  • Heart rate & ECG measurement sensor – medical grade to optical more consumer oriented
  • Respiration or breathing sensor
  • SPO2 sensor
  • Temperature sensor and humdity sensors
  • Pressure, distance and PPG sensor

Joining these sensors together into customized hardware for OEM/ODM products is a technology focused small step. The more difficult step is how to combine those to add real value to patients or users and to have an impact to change the status quo. In many cases data reduction and smart signal processing is done already on the sensor platform in order to give real time feedback to users, or to reduce the amount of data that is stored or needs to be wirelessly transmitted.

Storing information on SD-card or FLASH memory and wirelessly (Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi, LoRa) or wired sending this information via a Smartphone to the cloud is what we do on a daily basis including setting up the server based architecture and smartphone application. Also combining GPS data or sending data via UMTS/GPRS we frequently do.

Opportunities for wearable sensor new businesses

If you have a business idea to create a new wearable sensor product you are free to visit and discuss what we can do for each other. We would like to help you creating your products, certify your product and also ensure these sensor products can be produced with high yield and low field call rate. We can take care of (volume) production, but we are flexible in this respect. We are not putting products in the market ourselves, that is not were we add value, that would typically be the role of our partners.

Wearable Sensor Technology Example


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