Sleep & Activity Trackers

Physical activity & sleep monitoring

Our services include prototype and product development, certification and production of wearable activity & sleep monitoring devices and complete Cloud connected solutions.  

Medical, rehabilitation & sports

2M creates professional sleep & activity monitoring solutions for medical, rehabilitation and sport applications. 

Wireless BLE

2M has extensive experience in wireless BLE connected wearables. We have experience with simple one to one connections (wearable to smartdevice), demanding streaming and low latency applications and advanced network topologies using multiple BLE devices in a single network. 

2M also creates solutions based on other wireless connectivity standards like Zigbee, NFC, LORA, WIFI or 4G. The choice depends on the application and client requirements.

Embedded smart algorithms

2M provides raw data collection storage or streaming solutions, but in many cases raw data needs to be translated already in the wearable into meaningful information. This saves storage capacity, complexity and power consumption that lead to simpler, smaller devices that last longer.

Activ8 wearable health tracker

Complete Connected Health Solutions

2M creates complete connected health solutions consisting of wearable device, Cloud storage and applications for computer or smartphone or tablet. 

Build your solution based on our platform

2M has created hardware en software platforms that help to speed up your development, reduce cost and risk. These platforms are built, tested in the field and improved over the last decades. You can start your product development based on our learnings.

Experienced product creators  

We are experienced working with care professionals, researchers, patients and therapist. We are able to bridge medical and patient needs and translate it into quality products and solutions using state of the art technology. Its always our ambition to bring things to certified product so that it can start to truly benefit people and add value.

Activ8 – Professional Activity Monitoring Solutions

2M created about 10 years ago the Activ8 physical activity monitor, which is used throughout the world within a large number of research and clinical projects and applications.

Automatic embedded activity classification

What makes Activ8 unique is its automatic and validated embedded activity recognition algorithms. Activ8 recognizes on a second by second basis what a user has been doing. Was the user wearing the device, sitting, standing, walking, cycling or running. This information gives care providers rich information of the what a user has been doing in real life.

Activ8 research or connected

Activ8 is available as a simple to use recorder for research purposes with flexibility to tailor settings to their specific study needs and advanced settings. 

Activ8 is also available as a complete cloud connected solution for remote monitoring and coaching of users and patients. This version includes extensive dashboards for care providers, and users.

Custom solutions

Over the last decade the Activ8 platform has formed the basis  for many innovative sports, rehabilitation and medical products brought to market by our clients. Solutions based on Activ8 range from  monitoring of specific features (angles, sprint capacity, sitting behavior) to providing real-time vibro tactile and auditory feedback to alarm, correct and improve specific postures and activities.

More information on Activ8

Sleep & Activity Trackers and sensors
Example: Activ8 activity trackers

Wearable activity and sleep monitoring solutions

Raw data loggers / Streamers

High-resolution activity and sleep trackers that capture, store and/or stream raw sensor values for offline or online processing.

Signal processing devices

Translate raw data into compressed signals using state of the art algorithms and deep understanding of the use context. Most activities and movements can still be reconstructed, but the wearable device becomes smaller, lasts longer and also the rest of the connected solution can remain lightweight and simple.

Advanced Embedded solutions

Solutions optimized for a specific application with specialized embedded software and algorithms to turn raw measurement data into essential information.

Examples of wearable activity & sleep tracking solutions

Explore the realm of wearable activity and sleep tracking solutions with 2M, your trusted partner in innovation. With our extensive experience, we have developed a diverse range of activity and sleep trackers that have garnered acclaim in the market.

Our expertise in commercial product creation shines through in the examples of activity and sleep monitoring products we have successfully developed, certified, and produced for our clients. These cutting-edge solutions exemplify our commitment to delivering high-quality wearable technologies that empower individuals to optimize their health and well-being.

Beyond catering to commercial partners, we actively collaborate with research institutes and hospitals on projects pertaining to medical research and clinical use. These collaborations enable us to push the boundaries of innovation and explore new possibilities in the field of wearable technology. At 2M, we are always eager to embark on exciting ventures that drive advancements in healthcare and well-being.

Join us in the pursuit of excellence as we continue to develop state-of-the-art wearable activity and sleep tracking solutions. Experience the impact of our products in commercial settings and witness our dedication to advancing medical research. Contact us today to explore how our expertise can contribute to your success.

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