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Physical activity & sleep wearables

We specialise in creating wearable devices and comprehensive cloud-connected solutions for tracking physical activity and sleep. Our services include prototype and product development, certification, and production. We also offer professional monitoring solutions for sleep and activity, tailored for medical, rehabilitation, and sports applications.

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Activ8 wearable health tracker

Our competences


At 2M, our advanced miniaturization capabilities are crucial for the development of cutting-edge wearable technology. By reducing the size of components and optimising their integration, we create wearables that are not only more comfortable and discreet but also more efficient. This miniaturization enhances user comfort and wearability, allowing for longer use and broader adoption. Furthermore, our expertise in this area enables us to incorporate sophisticated functionalities into compact devices, ensuring high performance without compromising on size. This dedication to miniaturization solidifies 2M’s leadership in delivering innovative, high-performing wearable solutions.

Embedded Activity Algorithms

At 2M, we excel in transforming raw data into meaningful insights directly within wearable devices using our advanced activity recognition algorithms. This embedded approach optimises storage capacity, reduces complexity, and lowers power consumption, resulting in simpler, smaller, and longer-lasting devices.

Expertise from research to Product to Market

At 2M, we offer a complete spectrum of capabilities from research and development to certification and production of wearables and medical devices. Our extensive expertise ensures that each device is meticulously designed and developed to meet stringent medical standards. We guide our clients through the entire certification process, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements for safety and efficacy. Finally, our production capabilities enable us to deliver high-quality, reliable medical devices at scale. This end-to-end service demonstrates 2M’s commitment to excellence and our ability to bring innovative medical solutions from concept to market.

Wireless BLE connectivity

At 2M, our significant expertise in developing wireless BLE-connected wearables is essential for creating seamless and efficient user experiences. Our solutions range from single to multi-connection systems, including time-synchronized setups, ensuring reliable and coordinated data transmission. Beyond BLE, we also design solutions utilizing various wireless connectivity standards such as Zigbee, NFC, LORA, WiFi, and 4G, tailored to specific applications and client requirements. This versatility in connectivity options enhances device interoperability, functionality, and adaptability.

Low power design

At 2M, our expertise in low power design for wearables is crucial for several reasons. Low power consumption extends battery life, ensuring that devices can be used for longer periods without frequent recharging. This is essential for maintaining continuous monitoring and tracking, enhancing user convenience and device reliability. Additionally, efficient power management contributes to smaller and lighter devices, improving user comfort and wearability. By excelling in low power design, 2M not only enhances the user experience but also supports the development of advanced, high-performing wearable technology.

Activ8 GEN2 Physical Activity & Sleep Sensors

This marks the second generation of Activ8 physical activity sensors. Over the past decade, the first generation has been extensively utilized by numerous leading universities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and OEM customers.

What makes Acitiv8 unique?

Automatic embedded activity classification

Activ8 uses validated embedded activity recognition algorithms, so that you can see on a second by second basis what a user has been doing during daily life. Was the user wearing the device, sitting, standing, walking, cycling or running? This information gives care providers rich information of the what a user has been doing in real life.

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Physical Activity Monitoring for professionals

Main features

  • Automatic activity & sleep classification
    Non-wear, sitting, standing, walking, cycling or running
  • Accurate & validated
    Validated and proven to be accurate for healthy people and specific groups.
  • Energy Expenditure (EE)
    Energy expenditure measurements in kCal or MET
  • Easy to use
    Simple application to start/stop and visualise measurements. All recording data remains local. Set movement target with clear feedback on the device.
  • Activity + Sleep tracking
    The same solution can be used as activity tracker when worn on the upper leg or sleep tracker when used on the chest. Continuous monitoring for up to 60 days.
  • Small, lightweight
    Device worn in the pocket, attached with optional legstrap or waterproof adhesive sticker
  • Waterproof IP67
    Water and sweat proof (IP67) made of biocompatible materials.
  • CE certified
    CE certified non-medical. Optional: Medical Device certification.
  • Open interfaces
    Open interfaces and easy to integrate in third party applications

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Custom solutions & OEM

At 2M, we specialise in creating comprehensive connected health solutions, encompassing wearable devices, (mobile) software applications and Cloud solutions. Leveraging our robust hardware and software platforms, developed and refined over decades, we accelerate your product development while minimising costs and risks.

Our platforms have been rigorously tested and continuously improved in real-world settings, providing a solid foundation for your custom solutions. As experienced product creators, we collaborate closely with care professionals, researchers, patients, and therapists to bridge medical and patient needs. Our goal is to translate these insights into high-quality, certified products that genuinely benefit people and add significant value.

Over the past decade, the Activ8 platform has served as the foundation for numerous innovative sports, rehabilitation, and medical products developed by our clients. Solutions based on Activ8 encompass a wide range of functionalities, from monitoring specific metrics like angles, sprint capacity, and sitting behavior, to providing real-time vibrotactile and auditory feedback for alerting, correcting, and enhancing specific postures and activities.

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Examples of wearable activity & sleep sensor solutions

Explore the forefront of wearable activity and sleep tracking with 2M, your trusted partner in innovation. With extensive experience, we have developed a diverse range of acclaimed activity and sleep trackers, exemplifying our expertise in commercial product creation.

Our track record includes successfully developing, certifying, and producing high-quality wearable technologies that empower individuals to optimize their health and well-being. Beyond commercial ventures, we collaborate with research institutes and hospitals on medical research and clinical projects, driving advancements in wearable technology.

Join us in the pursuit of excellence as we continue to innovate and develop state-of-the-art solutions. Contact us today to see how our expertise can contribute to your success.

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