Sleep & Activity Trackers

Physical activity and sleep monitor OEM product development

2M develops, certifies and produces custom sleep & activity trackers for research, clinical use, rehabilitation and sport applications.

Complete solutions including web/app & Cloud

Our focus is on wearable sensor products & smart algorithms but we take full technical responsibility for the complete solution including cloud, web and apps.

Customized solutions for your application

2M has extensive knowhow and expertise in activity and sleep tracker product development. We have created over the years a wide variety of small wearable monitoring products. This expertise will speed up the development for your application and save time, cost and energy.

When you send your high-level specifications we can quickly assess the effort it will require to adapt our solutions to your application and need.

Activity and sleep trackers for medical applications 

Our technology team works closely together with medical researchers, therapists and patients to understand & enrich the application, translate it into a concept and create and test the first solutions with patients. When proven successful these prototypes can be turned into medical certified products.

We believe that a true cooperation between the medical field and technology is essential to realize lasting, value add solutions for patients and the overall healthcare system.

Sleep tracker to monitor sleeping behavior

Bluetooth Low Energy connected wearables

Fast  & easy wireless data transfer is crucial in most wearables that we develop.

2M is experienced in creating Bluetooth solutions for a wide range of applications including low latency real-time applications. 

2M also creates solutions based on NFC, LORA, 4G, Wifi etc depending on the need and application.

Activ8 – Activity Monitoring

2M has created the Activ8 physical activity monitor, which is used throughout the world within a large number of research and clinical projects and applications.

Smart algorithms – automatic activity classification

Differentiator of Activ8 compared to other physical activity monitors is that it fully automatically recognizes people and patients activities and classifies that data. This way care providers get rich information of the what a user has been doing in real life.

Activ8 is available in two executions:

Activ8 Professional

A standalone physical activity monitor optimized for the needs of researchers that need maximal insight in measurement data, simplicity and flexibility to enable new routes and directions. 

Activ8 Cloud

A complete solution including web/app and cloud that enables physiotherapist and other lifestyle coaches with a complete platform and solution to follow, coach and train people remotely.

Activ8 Cloud is also used by OEM partners that integrate our solutions in their software applications.

Sleep & Activity Trackers and sensors
Example: Activ8 activity trackers

Sleep & Sport trackers

2M has created a number of wearable sleep and sport trackers for a number of clients. The application requirements vary per product. 2M helps the client to analyze their proposition and translate it into a feasible product. Besides pure activity based solution 2M is also experienced adding other sensors to the activity based wearable opening new solutions and applications. Contact 2M to learn more.


Wearable activity and sleep monitoring solutions

Raw data loggers

High-resolution activity and sleep trackers that capture and store raw sensor values for offline or online processing.

Data Loggers

Data Loggers reduce the data rate by clever compression and preprocessing resulting in longer battery lifes, less memory and faster more responsive solutions.

Smart tracking solutions

Solutions optimized for a specific application with specialized embedded software and algorithms to turn raw measurement data into essential information.

Examples of products & OEM solutions

Over time 2M has created a large number of activity and sleep trackers.

OEM product development

Below are some examples of commercial products 2M developed, certified and in most cases also produced.

Research and exploration projects

Besides OEM solutions for commercial partners there are also a number of projects that were created in cooperation with research institutes and hospitals. 2M is always interested to explore new possibilities.

Turn research into new products

When such research explorations offer benefit to the user/patient and are technically and commercially viable we will jointly look how we can commercialize these Proof of Concept prototypes. This is often done in close collaboration with more commercially focused partners.