Multi-Sensor Wearable Devices

With the growing expectation of being connected anytime and anywhere, wearable technology has evolved to be one of the largest growing industries. 2M provides multi-sensor wearable devices for medical, health and other applications.

More accurate, compact and reliable

New opportunities in the market, such as the internet of things (IoT) and smart mobile devices, have accelerated the development of wearables since they provide many benefits to users. From consumer wearables that aid in a healthier lifestyle to multi-sensor medical wearable devices that help determine a patient’s vital signs, sensing components help bring these wearable technologies to life offering users a sense of safety, productivity and health incentives. As the medical world and wearable industry continue to advance, the need for more accurate, compact and reliable sensing technologies becomes necessary for proper long-term functionality in wearables.

Patient centric multi-sensor wearable devices

2M’s multi-sensor wearable devices combine state of the art sensor technology, with medical requirements and regulation and merge that into a solution which is comfortable to wear and easy to use by patients.  

CardioSense Multi-Sensor Wearable Devices - wearable ECG sensor

Sensors & algorithms

Heart Rate


Activity & Motion

Acc, Gyro, Mag, Fall, Classification algorithms

Temp & Humidity

Core body, multiple sensing principles

Breathing Rate

Multiple sensing principles & algorithms


Optical SPO2 and PPG sensing & algorithm



Using standard of custom sensors

Multi-sensor wearables that work

How do you fit a world of technology in a T-shirt, wristband or sticker patch?
We have been hard at work to help you figure this out.

The engineering of wearable devices presents challenges in miniaturization and multifunctionality, as well as rugged design and sensor integration. This is where we come in to help. We can enable you to build the wearable you’ve been imagining. We can help you find solutions to fit the most performance into a smaller, more rugged, and more beautifully designed device. Our miniaturization, embedded algorithm and power optimization skills help you to create reliable multifunctionality in applications for healthcare, fitness, navigation, and more.

Projects & examples

LODE Wireless BLE ECG Streamer & Logger
2M developed for LODE a wearable device for medical and professional sport applications. The wearable device is available as a…
CardioSense – Wireless ECG sensor with Atrial Fibrillation detection
Wearable ECG sensor with atrial fibrillation detection for home use CardioSense is about making cardiac rehabilitation possible at home. CardioSense…
SwimSensor for athletes – ECG & Motion Recognition
Wearable sensor for athletes for monitoring heart and detailed motion analysis The Swimsense is a waterproof, wearable device for professional…
SPO2 sensor watch with PPG HR detection
Accurate SPO2 sensor watch COSMET is a SPO2 sensor watch with PPG based HR detection that is worn on the…
VitaMove – multi-sensor activity monitor with ECG
Synchronized recording of activity on multiple locations on the body VitaMove is an ambulatory monitoring system that measures and stores activity information…
Medical health scanner
Quick health scan combining temperature, ECG, SPO2 and heart sound 2M has created various prototype devices being designed for people to…
CardioSleeve – ECG & heart sound stethoscope add-on
The world’s first stethoscope attachment to provide ECG, digital auscultation and instant analysis CardioSleeve ECG & heart sound stethoscope is…
Rejiva – Wireless biofeedback patch (ECG & Activity)
Consumer device that monitors lifestyle 2M did a number of projects for the Ruijven Rejiva. The Rejiva is the first…
Innovative Equine Sensor Solutions
Prevent & earlier detect horse health problems 2M has build up  experience in measuring various vital horse signs which can lead…