9DOF Motion tracking Sensors

QSense-Motion sensing platform

QSense-Motion is a wearable motion capture platform intended to monitor the 3d orientation of human body segments from linear acceleration, angular velocity and magnetometer measurements.

Via wireless BLE streaming, the system can output the 3d orientation (quaternions) as well as the raw sensor data (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) in real-time.

The platform can be integrated in solutions for a wide range of applications for research, sports and (virtual reality) games.

QSense comes in two executions:

  • QSense Wired: for full integration in clothing & maximal performance. Maturity: prototype.
  • QSense Wireless: full wireless technology for maximal ease of use. Maturity: CE certified product.
Home rehabilitation motion sensor suit
QSense-Motion Motion Capture Platform

QSense Wireless

Wireless IMU Motion Sensors that directly stream via wireless BLE technology to a mobile device or PC. These sensors can output both Quaternions or raw 9-DOF motion data depending on the needs and application. This solution is optimised for real-time gaming, AR, VR applications. CE certified.

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Real-time 3D motion tracking solutions using state of the art sensor fusion algorithms.


Body tracking solutions ranging from 1-20 motion sensors.


Optimized for serious gaming, AR and VR applications requiring low latency.


QSense uses wireless BLE technology

QSense wired – prototype level

The QSense wired system consists of a main unit that is connected via wires to 1-5 sensor strings that can contain each 1-4 sensors. Each sensor node includes an accelerometer (measure linear acceleration), a gyroscope (measure angular velocity) and a magnetometer (measure earth magnetic field). Data is streamed via BLE to a PC or mobile device for further processing or visualisation.

Key Features

3D Motion Sensing For Professionals

QSense measures 3D orientation and streams wireless to a computer, phone or tablet. Sample rates between 30 and 200 samples per second depending on application and number of motion sensors.

Optimized for Real-Time Applications

Optimized for real-time Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Serious Gaming Applications. Real-time tracking of motion in 3D with 15ms latency up to 12 sensors (and 25ms up to 20 sensors). 

State or the art sensor technology

State of the art sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) technology and measurement accuracy.

QSense motion tracking for AR/VR
9DOF Motion Tracking Sensors for Sports

Raw sensor data or quaternion data

QSense can output raw sensor data (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) or quaternion data. You decide.

From single Arm/leg to full body tracking

QSense can track a single body segment (arm, leg, back, head), the complete lower or upper body or the full body. You are in charge of the application; we provide the technology.

BLE connectivity

QSense uses wireless BLE technology which results in best-in-class wireless range and high data transfer rates up to 2MBps.

Easy setup.
Neatless compatibility

The QSense setup is fast & easy using a single wireless BLE connection to a mobile device. No extra hardware is required. 

Lightweight & Comfortable to wear

QSense uses small size, lightweight sensors that are easy to attach to the body using straps or fully integrated into clothing.

Lasting power

QSense can be used for up to 8 hours. Recharge just the main unit after a complete workday. 

Easy interfacing to the world

QSense has a well-defined open APIs to Unity and Matlab. The engineering team from 2M provides example code and can also help with integration of QSense in your application.

Custom solutions

We have control and ownership and control over the complete hardware, which enables us to customize existing products or to develop completely new solutions. New solutions that are 100% optimized and tailored for certain applications.

Serious gaming. Optimized for AR/VR 

QSense is optimised for motion tracking for serious gaming applications. The QSense main unit uses one single wireless BLE radio. Easy to setup. Direct interfacing to mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. 

The QSense system was developed with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications in mind. 

VR rehabilitation motion sensors
QSense-Motion 9DOF motion tracking

Rehabilitation & training

QSense is intended for professional training and medical rehabilitation applications. Training can take place in the clinic or in home environments.

QSense sensors are easy to use, quick to position and require minimal calibration.

The QSense system is developed, validated and tested with a number of leading hospitals and rehabilitation clinics in the Netherlands.

Motion tracking sensor applications

Nodes 9D Motion Tracking Solution for rehabilitation and VR rehabilitation gaming


QSense motion trackers provide highly accurate orientation and raw measurement data for health applications, including physical therapy, rehabilitation and prosthetics, where real-time movement monitoring is crucial. Highly accurate data and movement recordings keep patients engaged with the therapy and health caregivers to evaluate their patient’s recovery progress, through the use of valuable and reliable information.

Motion Tracking Sensor Solution


Elite athletes and sport professionals always strive for excellence and self-improvement. QSense 3D motion tracking sensors provide essential data to improve performances, monitor technical form and prevent injury. QSense motion tracking sensors provide real-time motion data capture in any environment, from the running track to the swimming pool, giving athletes and coaches a new mean to work on their goals and achieve great results.

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