Wearable product development

Our focus

2M Engineering develops, certifies and produces wearable products. Our focus is on:

Medical wearables

Wearables for a wide variety of medical and rehabilitation. Solutions for research, clinical use, e-health and home monitoring.

Sport wearables

Wearables for various sports. Our technology platforms can quickly be adapted to form the basis of next generation sport wearables. Solutions that provide real-time feedback or enable coaches and athletes to track performance.

Wearable health patch
Wearable health patch. Activity. Motion. ECG. BR. Temperature

Wearable technology platforms

2M is specialized in the following wearable technology platforms. These often form the starting point for a new development. These platforms combine (a combination of) sensors and use embedded algorithms to turn raw data into useful information. The application determines if information is stored, streamed or used for direct feedback to the user (visual, haptic or sound). Our current wearable platforms are:

Activity & Sleep monitoring

Complete activity tracking solutions for specific applications requiring embedded signal processing capabilities. 

9DOF motion tracking

Motion tracking solutions for real-time tracking of 9DOF motion of the complete body or body segments. Specialized in VR/AR applications.

Wearable health patches

Wearable patches based on an integration of printed electronics electrodes and advanced low power miniaturized hardware and smart algorithms.

Textile wearables

Complete textile wearable solutions and feedback fully integrated in clothing.

Non-contact sensors

Sensor solutions that accurately measure vital body signs without making contact with the user. Temperature, non-contact bedsensors.

Connected solutions from A to Z

sensor hardware + app + cloud + web

2M delivers complete connected solutions consisting of wearable sensors, web, app and cloud infrastructure. The same technology platforms can also be used to create next generation Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.  

As the wearable industry continues to mature, the need for more accurate, compact, waterproof and foremost reliable and accurate sensing technologies has become essential.

Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity

2M is expert on a wide range of wired and wireless connectivity technologies. Depending on the application we often use Bluetooth Low Energy for our wearables. We are expert on data storage and live streaming sensing wearables.

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Examples of wearable product development

LODE ECG Streamer & ECG Logger
Example LODE ECG Streamer
  • Electronics & embedded software development
  • High-resolution streaming based on Bluetooth Low Energy
  • 2 lead ECG, 256sps, 20 bit
  • HR detection algorithm creation and validation
  • Low power design & battery management
  • Medical device certification

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Dashtag wearable product development
Example DashTag Soccer Tracker
  • Electronics development including Bluetooth LE
  • User Interface engine creation
  • Firmware software development
  • Algorithm creation and validation
  • Product & radio certification
  • Industrialization of electronics sub assembly
Health patches with printed electronics
Example Hybrid Printed & Conventional Electronics
  • Translation of client application to implementation
  • Design of printed electronics structure
  • Electronics creation
  • Firmware software creation
  • Testing & integration with mobile app

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2M’s unique competences in wearables

We master a number of core technologies, but the real added value of our approach is in combining the various technical possibilities in the best possible way.

Modular Building Blocks

2M has build a large basket of building blocks, which reduces development cost, time and keeps technical risks low.

Small & Flat

2M is experienced in miniaturization to create extremely small, flat and bendable solutions.

Low Power Design

We create solutions with long operating times. We are skilled in low power design, test and optimization strategies.


Experience with most wired and wireless connectivity techniques to send data to mobile device or base stations. Also (custom) antenna design.

Smart Algorithms

Experts in smart algorithm creation and feature extraction to turn raw data into meaningful information. Signal processing for embedded solutions.

More on smart algorithms..

Software Platforms

Use of 2M’s software platforms  saves costs, time and risk. Our embedded platforms include low level drivers and middleware functionalities. 

Mobile & Cloud

We offer complete connected solutions including mobile apps, cloud and web functionality.

Printed & Textile Electronics

Creation of printed electronics & textile electronics including production. We leverage strengths of conventional techniques and printed techniques to create unique solutions. Read more…


Experience in creating waterproof solutions. 

Product Design

Bring your own design or use our design partners. Experienced in mechanical design and making techniques including 3D printing, injection molding and industrial casting. 

User Interface

User interface design and development environments so you can test UIs before being implemented in the end product.

Textile electronics, wireless ECG

Examples of wearable products 2M created and current projects

Our wearable sensor solutions include complete cloud connected medical, sport and consumer wearables. The following products and projects give an overview of our capabilities. What is needed for your idea we can quickly evaluate.