Wearable product development

Experienced wearable product creators

With a wealth of experience in wearable product development, 2M Engineering stands as a trusted authority in the industry. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we specialise in every aspect of bringing innovative wearable products to life, from concept to certification and production. Our focus is on product / hardware development including wireless or IoT connectivity, but we also offer complete solutions including software and Cloud applications.

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Wearable health patch

Your guidance through the entire development Process

At 2M Engineering, we understand the unique challenges and intricacies of the wearable technology landscape. Our team of experienced engineers, designers, and industry experts collaborate seamlessly to turn your visionary ideas into tangible, market-ready products.

From the initial stages of ideation and conceptualisation, we work closely with our clients to ensure that every aspect of your wearable product is crafted to meet your specific requirements. Our deep understanding of user-centered design principles allows us to create intuitive, ergonomic, and aesthetically appealing wearables that seamlessly integrate into users’ lives.

Development, industrialisation, certification & production

Product development is one aspect, but equally important is to make a products ready for production, device certification and production for small or large series according to high standards.

At 2M Engineering, we recognise the critical importance of regulatory compliance and certification in the wearable industry. Our team ensures that your product meets the necessary criteria for safety, performance, and interoperability. We guide you through the certification process, ensuring a smooth and efficient path to market entry.

Once your wearable product is ready for production, our production facilities and meticulous quality control processes ensure that every unit meets our highest standards.

With a track record of successful partnerships and a passion for technological innovation, 2M Engineering is your dedicated ally in wearable product development.

QSense-Motion 9DOF motion tracking

Our focus areas

Through our dedicated focus on medical wearables, sport wearables, and professional wearables, we are committed to driving innovation, improving performance, and revolutionizing the way individuals and industries utilize wearable technology.

Medical Wearables

We create a diverse range of wearables specifically designed for medical and rehabilitation purposes. Our solutions cater to various applications, including research, clinical use, e-health, and home monitoring. Our comprehensive range of medical wearables empowers individuals, improves healthcare outcomes, and enhances overall well-being.

Sport Wearables

We excel in developing wearables for professional sports. Leveraging our versatile technology platforms, we can quickly adapt and customize solutions to form the basis of next-generation sport wearables. Our sport wearables provide real-time feedback, enabling athletes and coaches to track performance metrics and optimize training regimes. Whether it’s enhancing athletic performance or monitoring progress, our sport wearables are designed to deliver exceptional results.

Professional Wearables

In addition to medical and sport wearables, we also offer professional wearables designed for specialized applications in various industries. These wearables are tailored to meet the unique requirements of work environments, defense sectors, and other professional applications. Our professional wearables combine cutting-edge technology with ruggedness and reliability, providing professionals with innovative tools to enhance their performance and productivity.

Wearable technology platforms

2M is specialized in the following wearable technology platforms. These often form the starting point for a new development. These platforms combine (a combination of) sensors and use embedded algorithms to turn raw data into useful information. The application determines if information is stored, streamed or used for direct feedback to the user (visual, haptic or sound). Our current wearable platforms are:

Activity & Sleep monitoring

Complete activity tracking solutions for specific applications requiring embedded signal processing capabilities.

9DOF motion tracking

Motion tracking solutions for real-time tracking of 9DOF motion of the complete body or body segments. Specialized in VR/AR applications.

Textile wearables

Complete textile wearable solutions and feedback fully integrated in clothing. Focus on sensors and haptic feedback.

Multi-sensor patch wearables

Wearable patches based on an integration of printed electronics electrodes and advanced low power miniaturized hardware and smart algorithms.

Contactless sensing

Sensor solutions that accurately measure vital body signs without making contact with the user. Temperature, non-contact bedsensors.

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Unlocking the Power of Wearables

2M’s Unparalleled Expertise in integrating cutting-edge technologies

At 2M, we possess a diverse range of core technologies. However, our true distinction lies in our ability to synergistically blend these technical possibilities, resulting in an unrivaled approach that maximizes the potential of wearables. By harnessing our unique competences, we create innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate multiple technologies, delivering unparalleled value to our clients and end-users.

Modular Building Blocks

2M has build a large basket of building blocks, which reduces development cost, time and keeps technical risks low.

Small & Flat

2M is experienced in miniaturization to create extremely small, flat and bendable solutions.

Low Power Design

We create solutions with long operating times. We are skilled in low power design, test and optimization strategies.


Experience with most wired and wireless connectivity techniques to send data to mobile device or base stations. Also (custom) antenna design.

Smart Algorithms

Experts in smart algorithm creation and feature extraction to turn raw data into meaningful information. Signal processing for embedded solutions.

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Software Platforms

Use of 2M’s software platforms  saves costs, time and risk. Our embedded platforms include low level drivers and middleware functionalities. 

Mobile & Cloud

We offer complete connected solutions including mobile apps, cloud and web functionality.

Printed & Textile Electronics

Creation of printed electronics & textile electronics including production. We leverage strengths of conventional techniques and printed techniques to create unique solutions.

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Experience in creating waterproof solutions. 

Product Design

Bring your own design or use our design partners. Experienced in mechanical design and making techniques including 3D printing, injection molding and industrial casting. 

User Interface

User interface design and development environments so you can test UIs before being implemented in the end product.

Textile electronics, wireless ECG

Discover the Possibilities

Wearable OEM products & ongoing projects

At 2M, we take pride in our comprehensive range of wearable sensor solutions, encompassing cloud-connected medical, sport, and consumer wearables. Our track record includes an impressive array of products and ongoing projects that exemplify our capabilities. Whether you have a specific idea in mind or require a customised solution, our team is poised to swiftly assess your needs and provide the expertise and support you require. Products and projects are ready to use in your solution or can be fully customized.

QSense Motion Capture System
What is the QSense Motion Capture System? QSense-Motion is an IMU based wearable, wireless motion capture platform designed for innovators,…
Smart Clothing – Sensor & Haptic feedback Technology
Next-generation of smart clothing 2M works on cutting edge smart clothing technology where we integrate haptic feedback and sensors and…
Contact-free sleep sensors
What is the sleep sensor? The Sleep Sensor is a sensor strip that tracks movement, occupancy, heart rate and breathing…
Activ8 Gen2 Physical Activity Monitor
Activity Tracking Perfected For Professionals Activ8 second generation wearable physical activity monitor is the ultimate physical activity tracker for lifestyle,…
Flight Sense System
What is the Flight Sense System? The Flight Sense System is a development for air force pilots enabling physiological monitoring…
HeartEye – Portable on-the-Go ECG device
What is HeartEye? HeartEye is a portable on-the-go ECG Device that delivers instant results combined with clinical-grade accuracy. The pocket…
BPatch Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring
Project Partners Continuous Blood Pressure monitoring Blood pressure is one of the most important vital values ​​that can be measured.…
Sleep tracker to monitor sleep behavior
Sleep tracker for SleepFysio After an intake SleepFysio client’s sleep behaviour is mapped out with the aid of the SleepID…
Dashtag – soccer wearable
What is Dashtag? Dashtag is the product of a startup that is clipped on the waist of a soccer player.…
9DOF Hand Motion Tracking
Accurate tracking of Hand and Finger movements Based on our 9DOF motion tracking platform we also created a miniaturized version…
Touchback Sensor Glove For Prosthetic Hand Users
Sensor Glove measuring pressure and aperture For Prosthetic Hand Users Within the Touchback project we envisioned to bridge the control…
NODES – 9DOF Motion Suit for VR rehabilitation gaming
Human motion tracking Nodes is a motion capture system intended for medical/research purposes to measure and record the orientation of…
Haptic feedback wearables
What is the Lazersport Inclination Sensor? The Lazersport Inclination sensor is a haptic feedback wearable device gives realtime haptic feedback…
MotionPro: Wireless activity & Motion Logger
High-Quality raw activity & motion recording for periods upto 14 days The MotionPro wireless activity and motion logger provides precision…
LODE Wireless BLE ECG Streamer & Logger
2M developed for LODE a wearable device for medical and professional sport applications. The wearable device is available as a…
CardioSense – Wireless ECG sensor with Atrial Fibrillation detection
Wearable ECG sensor with atrial fibrillation detection for home use CardioSense is about making cardiac rehabilitation possible at home. CardioSense…
Barocontrol – Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
Fall prevention by sensing blood flow and pressure Many elderly experience an exaggerated or prolonged drop in blood pressure in…
Motion sensing for stroke rehabilitation at home
Better & faster stroke recovery at home with improved motor performance of paretic limbs Most of the patients having suffered…
Smart diaper sensor monitors health of babies or adults
Smart diaper sensor 2M is developing a smart diaper sensor monitoring platform that can be used for a variety of…
SwimSensor for athletes – ECG & Motion Recognition
Wearable sensor for athletes for monitoring heart and detailed motion analysis The Swimsense is a waterproof, wearable device for professional…
SPO2 sensor watch with PPG HR detection
Accurate SPO2 sensor watch COSMET is a SPO2 sensor watch with PPG based HR detection that is worn on the…
UPRIGHT – Parkinson posture correction & cueing device
A device supporting self training for Parkinson patients to improve posture and mobility UPRIGHT enables and assists Parkinson patients in improving…
Activ8 Gen1- physical activity monitor with sit stand walk cycle run classification
Automatically recognizes your daily activities Activ8 is a complete physical activity monitoring solution that automatically recognizes your activities. The following…
MyMoves – Wheelchair activity sensor – gaming platform
Activate wheelchair users! 2M Engineering and Fantazm have developed MyMoves as part of a national call from the Dutch Ministry of Health.…
WheelActiv8 – Activity monitor for wheelchair users
Physical activity monitor for wheelchair users WheelActiv8 is a total activity monitoring platform for wheelchair users. The A8100 wheelchair activity…
Inclination Sensor – Track cycling posture in real time
Track your aerodynamic cycling posture in real time The Lazer Inclination Sensor is the ultimate training tool to make you…
VitaMove – multi-sensor activity monitor with ECG
Synchronized recording of activity on multiple locations on the body VitaMove is an ambulatory monitoring system that measures and stores activity information…
Medical health scanner
Quick health scan combining temperature, ECG, SPO2 and heart sound 2M has created various prototype devices being designed for people to…
Equine rider – posture trainer during horseriding
Equine posture sensor provides detailed insight in your riding position The Equine posture sensor is a chest worn device that…
FootSense – Pressure and shear force sensor insoles
Ambulatory pressure and shear force sensor insoles that fit any shoe Target of the FootSense project is to create ambulatory…
OSAJA – Wearable blood oxygen sensor
Reliable wearable blood oxygen sensor Within the OSAJA feasibility project 2M investigates how to create the optimal light path so…
CardioSleeve – ECG & heart sound stethoscope add-on
The world’s first stethoscope attachment to provide ECG, digital auscultation and instant analysis CardioSleeve ECG & heart sound stethoscope is…
Rejiva – Wireless biofeedback patch (ECG & Activity)
Consumer device that monitors lifestyle 2M did a number of projects for the Ruijven Rejiva. The Rejiva is the first…
Innovative Equine Sensor Solutions
Prevent & earlier detect horse health problems 2M has build up  experience in measuring various vital horse signs which can lead…
Wireless body temperature sensor network
Accurate tracking of body temperature at multiple body locations The multi location body temperature monitoring system consist of a number…
Inspirun – personal & adaptive training schedule for runners
InspiRun personalized training schedules for runners INSPIRUN is a smartphone app that offers runners a personalized and adaptive training schedule.…
Divers Alert – Emergency alarm for divers
Alert your dive buddies in case of emergency 2M Engineering has developed and patented a divers alarm to provide divers with a…