Valdiation of contactless medical sleep sensor with Kempenhaeghe

Joint effort to validate new contactless medical sleep sensor

In a joint effort the technical university of Eindhoven, Livassured, 2M Engineering and Kempenhaeghe work together towards the validation of an innovative  contactless medical sleep sensor. This extremely sensitive sensor can pick up both large signals and also very small signals as required to derive heart rate from the raw pressure signal. Due to this high sensitivity the placement of the sensor is more flexible compared to other solutions.

Intelligent signal processing

By combining the contactless medical sleep sensor with intelligent and reliable signal processing new applications can be enabled not possible with the current consumer oriented bedsensors.

Focus on 3 use cases – Patients with Epilepsy, Parkinson patients & OSA patients

In a sleep center like Kempenhaeghe all facilities to do a full night or longer polysomnograhpy measurement are present, however this is not the case in people’s own homes. In this project we develop low invasive measurement, but reliable measurement solutions that can be used to monitor effectiveness of certain interventions over longer periods. The facilities and knowledge at Kempenhaeghe will be used to validate the sensitivity and specificity of the bed sensor.

Other applications

The same sensor technology can also be used for other sleep or non sleep related applications. The same very sensitive sensor technology can also be integrated in chairs and provide detailed information on movement, breathing rate, heart rate or other movement related vital signs.