2M Engineering participates in Neurocontrol

Why Neurocontrol?

With the ageing of the society, the incidence of neurological diseases like stroke, Parkinson and Complex Regional Pain syndrome will increase. The socio-economic impact of stroke is very high. Estimated annual costs of stroke in the Netherlands are 1.200 M Euro. For people over 65 years it is the second in ranking after dementia. Parkinson’s disease is also an age-related disorder affecting 120-180 in 100,000 individuals. Syndromes associated with chronification of pain account for about 30% of sick leave of employees, costing several billions of Euros. The incidence is expected to have increased by 45% in 2025.

Mission Neurocontrol?

Currently, therapeutic options for stroke, Parkinson’s disease and neuropathic pain syndromes are sparse, not evidence-based but based on general concepts. This results in unnecessary long-lasting disability and loss of autonomy. This is in sharp contrast to one of the most important insights of the last decades that the human brain is highly […]

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Sensing photo-frame developed by 2M to prevent falling at home

The Senior Step study uses a sensing photo-frame developed by 2M to prevent falling at home. Senior Step is part of the national program for elderly care in the Netherlands done by Radbout Academic Hospital Nijmegen. Aim of this program is to improve care for elderly with complex care needs.

With the Senior Step sensing photo frame elderly have a simple self test to measure their own mobility and stability. Next they can improve their health by doing focused exercise. This can help to prevent fall incidents and a more active independent life. This has been proven by the first preliminary results of the Senior Step Study.

Most important results so far:

  • Validated self-test for measurement of mobility and risk of falling
  • Simple self test by hidden high-tech sensor technology in photo-frame
  • Timely intervention when changes in mobility of elderly are observed.

Read more (in Dutch)

Senior Step project Nationaal Programma Ouderenzorg – ‘Vallen hóórt niet bij […]

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REDBiRD ventures supporting starting enterpreneurs

We have opened our innovation center and business incubator for starting high-tech companies. This initiative is focused on young high-tech starters. We help young talent to sharpen their business ideas, set-up their company and can offer help to realize these ideas. Next to that we offer services like legal, hr, patent, financial, prototyping and product industrialization. We welcome young people with ideas and aspiring to become an entrepreneur to come by to see how we can help each other.

Next to that we also offer housing to work out ideas in the innovation center and for already started companies in our business incubator.

More information (in Dutch): www.redbirdventures.nl


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Innovation Campus Valkenswaard (in Dutch)

Echtpaar start innovatiecampus op industrieterrein De Schaapsloop. Er is daar plek voor twintig bedrijven.

VALKENSWAARD – Valkenswaard krijgt binnen drie maanden een innovatiecampus. Deze campus op industrieterrein De Schaapsloop in Valkenswaard moet een broedplaats worden voor startende ondernemers die innovatieve producten ontwikkelen. De bedoeling is dat de eerste ondernemers op de campus begin komend jaar aan de slag gaan. Binnen enkele jaren moeten er maximaal twintig bedrijven op de campus gehuisvest zijn. Initiatiefnemer
van de campus en de gelijknamige stichting is het echtpaar Gillian en Winslow Mimnagh. Zij zijn de eigenaren van
2M Engineering uit Veldhoven. De startende ondernemers op de campus kunnen gebruikmaken van elkaars kennis, van de samenwerking met het onderwijs en van de kennis van ontwikkelaars van 2M Engineering. Dat bedrijf (zestien medewerkers) huist sinds vrijdag in hetzelfde pand als de innovatiecampus. Ondernemers kunnen ook producten die
al door 2M Engineering zijn ontwikkeld in de markt gaan zetten (zie inzetjes). Ondernemers op de campus aan de John F. Kennedylaan kunnen bij het opzetten van hun bedrijf gratis gebruikmaken van de diensten van accountants,
consultants en juristen. Deze worden ondergebracht in de Stichting Innovatiecampus Valkenswaard. Daar gaan vijf mensen werken. De […]

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