Sensor Product Development & Industrialization

Our services include research, prototyping & product development including design, certification and (OEM) production offering the complete package. We want to be the engine behind our clients success. Our services range from ad-hoc involvement till lasting relationships with partners that have outsourced their complete product development with us. We adapt our offering to your needs. We can advise, conceptualize, present and write a reports about technical feasibility, however we prefer showing that a solution works by building and demonstrating it. 2M the engine behind your success.

Our Services

Together with our clients we create new ideas for existing businesses. Adding technology, and good ideas, can turn products into real innovations with potential to reshape your business and future. Important is know is that we do not come up with dreams, but with practical and technical feasible solutions.
We are able to support your research with our current products, but can also start to build up non-existing components, function or product solutions from a fundamental level. Starting with core principles gives in our experience the best opportunities for strong patents. We are no patent attorneys ourselves, but are experienced with all aspects required to protect your ideas. Read More..
Coming up with an idea is one, showing that it actually works is two. Technical feasibility for 2M is about proving and showing that a solution works covering all requirements in a flexible and extendable system architecture. After demonstration of a proof of concept we know if an idea is technical feasible, how to industrialize & produce and what the price will roughly be for small and larger series and additional investment costs required.  Technical risks are covered, pricing and investment costs are known enabling creation of  a realistic business case.
2M can quickly design, develop & build complete prototypes, including final product design and fully functional. A one-stop-shop to bring your ideas to life allowing you to demonstrate to customers, publish on crowd funding sites or test business potential by validating product / market fit of the minimal value proposition. 2M can seamlessly scale up from single pieces to small series, to larger volumes. This enables fast modifications to your propositions with investments well under control.
Turning 2M prototypes into products is often a small step, because during the design and engineering manufacturability is already taken into account. Turning fundamental research or proof of concept demonstrators into products requires often more effort, time and funding. Elements: make or buy decisions, production plants, tooling, safety, user requirements, elaborate testing and product documentation and certification. Product include TCS Wear Sensor, Activ8 & Vitamove. See more product examples. 2M is experienced in the complete value chain and steps needed to come to a quality product. Read More…
Depending on business criteria, expected quantities, pricing and certification 2M can arrange the right production set-up. Value added or critical production is done in house, for standard production of highly specialized production 2M works with trusted outside parties. 2M is flexible and follows the manufacturing preferences of our clients.
2M is familiar with normal and medical CE certification and can arrange the whole process in co-operation with our client.
2M handles prototyping, the complete product development cycle and production for our client. Clients do not need to build their own development teams, but can completely focus on business development, marketing & sales. This improves business focus, prevents feature creep and keeps your organization lean.
2M products, modules or components are available for OEM. Functional and user interface modifications are often possible; product design, branding and packaging are always possible.  2M provides open price calculations and flexibility to meet your business requirements.

Inhouse Disciplines

Deep and broad understanding of technological possibilities helps to select the best possible technological solution given the various technical and business requirements. Furthermore it allows working on the edge of what is technically feasible and in many cases to stretch existing boundaries leading to real innovative, patented solutions. Read More…

Open Innovation

In our business model, partners with completely different backgrounds and very specialized or unique knowledge or expertise are brought together, ensuring the optimal application of state of the art knowledge in all required fields to work towards successful new businesses. Read More…

Inhouse Building Blocks

  • Posture
  • Movement
  • ElectroCardioGram (ECG)
  • Heart Rate (HR) PPG based
  • Blood Oxygen Level (SPO2)
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • Glucose
  • Gas Detection
  • Cancer
  • Breathing / Respiration
  • Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)
  • Light
  • Sound
  • Distance  / Pressure sensing using a number of sensing techniques
  • Camera (OpenCV image processing of still and realtime information)
  • Optical (lasers, LEDs, Photodiodes, Spectrometers, Raman Spectroscopy, Fluorescence measurements)
  • Custom
  • Advanced Digital Filtering
  • Sensor Fusion Algorithms
  • Automatic Feature & Pattern Recognition
  • Low Power Design (Energy & Computation)
  • Custom Algorithm Development


.NET pc applications (C#, C++) to visualize sensor data, complete applications or to extend your current application with rich sensor data.

Create apps for Android or iOS to offer a full experience to the mobile user.

  • Design & produce product enclosures for prototypes, functional models or end products.
  • Mechanics for specific sensors and (mechatronic) sensor product development.
  • Opto mechanics for optical setups
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Smart / Low Energy – Read More…
  • Ethernet
  • GPRS 2G GSM data communication
  • WiFi 802.11 b/n/g
  • Wireless High Resolution Time Sync
  • Zigbee
  • Propriatary Low Power Streaming
  • Propriatary Low Power Messaging
  • Digital Bus Communication: SPI / I2C / CAN expertise
  • RFID Identification
  • USB 2.0 (mass storage device, CDC, Hunan Input Devices)
  • Low Power Design (micro Amp range)
  • Wireless Charging & Energy Transfer
  • High Capacity (micro SD-card)
  • Medium Capacity (FLASH memory)