Research & Innovation

We like to explore new possibilities together with leading research & medical organizations. New possibilities that lead to breakthrough products benefitting many. Our preferred role is to turn academic results into a real life proof of concept or functional prototype that can be tested with users or patients in form of clinical studies. Useful, practical to use products that solve concrete problems. This is often an active supporting role helping to turn ideas into practical solutions. We believe working this way we leverage strength of both ourselves and the research organization.

Open innovation

2M has an open innovation policy. We look for complementary skills in companies, universities and hospitals. as we believe this creates an open environment where people are willing to share. We would like to create win-win agreements that benefit all stakeholders involved.

Contact us for new research projects

At the point of starting a new research project? Contact us to see if we can work together. We have a solid track record in assisting and partnering with (multi-disciplinary) company and research organizations to get bring new ideas to life. 2M initiates, coordinates and participates in various National and European research projects.

Examples of research projects