Strong track record in turning research into products

2M is a research performing SME. 2M translates academic research into product. Step by step from concept, into functional prototypes and products. Including (clinical) validation and certification. We believe the best results are obtained by working from the beginning together with all involved stakeholders. When a new innovation is ready product wise, 2M also explores the initial market and reshapes the product if needed to better meet the customer requirements. For large volume marketing and sales we prefer to work together with larger companies with already established sales channels. 2M’s largest contribution is in the innovative product creation. Fundamental research is mostly the domain of knowledge institutes; 2M sees its added value in turning this research in useful, practical products and applications.

Shared research & open innovation

In order to fulfil our ambition, 2M Engineering has an open innovation policy, looking for companies, universities and hospitals with complementary skills. 2M Engineering is always looking to create win-win propositions for all involved partners and believes in openness, honesty and delivering what you promise.

Let’s join forces

At 2M we are open to explore new partnerships, innovative projects and new businesses. 2M initiates, coordinates and participates in various National and European research projects. We differentiate ourselves by always delivering what we promise. We are used to work with small and large companies, medical and technical universities and educational organizations. Contact us to check if it makes sense to join forces.