2M Engineering is a research performing SME for sensor products

2M Engineering has a strong trackrecord in turning research results into manufacturable (sensor) products. 2M is skilled in turning initial proof of concepts and research results into (clinically) validated & certified products. Typically this is a step by step process done in close cooperation with the various stakeholders: research, medical or industrial institutions, technology & business.

2M Engineering is a research performing SME specialized in sensor products that can be the essential bridge between initial ideas, concepts or early prototypes and product/business. Our preference is that the final marketing and sales is done by company with a strong reputation in the specific field and well established marketing and sales capabilities and channels.  Our role is often to pick up research results, and make the technical translation and integration towards a final product.

2M Engineering has extensive know-how on industrial and medical device development, certification and production. During development we combine strengths in photonics, sensors, electronics, embedded software, signal processing and mechanics. We believe fundamental research is the area of universities, but we are happy to look together how this fundamental research can be applied, and turned into a functional proof of concept, prototype or product, including development, industrialization, certification and manufacturing.

Shared research & open innovation

In order to fulfil our ambition, 2M Engineering has an open innovation policy, looking for companies, universities and hospitals with complementary skills. 2M Engineering is always looking to create win-win propositions for all involved partners and believes in openness, honesty and delivering what you promise.

Always open for new partnerships & new opportunities

2M Engineering is always open to explore new partnerships, opportunities and projects. 2M initiated, coordinated and participated in various National and European research projects. We make a difference that so far we always delivered what we promised whatever it takes. Together with leading companies, universities, research facilities and medical institutions all over the world we are partnering for research to bring these new ideas to life.

Contact us and let’s meet each other to see if there is a click and mutual interest in working together.

Research perfoming SME for sensor products