Smart Sensor Mattress Contactless Measurement Of Presence, Respiration & Heart Rate In Bed

Thin & Flexible Sensor Mat

2M Engineering has developed a sensor mat that can be put on top of any mattress that is able to reliably measure presence, respiration and heart rate. The sensor mat is flexible and thin and will not be noticed by the sleeper, while continuously taking it’s measurements. The benefit compared to other solutions is that the user has no wires or clips attached to the body, allowing undisturbed sleep also over longer periods. About 80% of all sleep related problems can be detected using the sleep mat. Applications range from medical pre-screeners at home to in hospital monitoring solutions. Optionally the system can be extended with a wireless SPO2 sensor.

This project was made possible by a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund as part of OP-Zuid.

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Sleep Problems Stay Often Long Time Undetected

More than 45% of all adults snore on occasion and 25 % snore all the time! We spend a lot of our lives sleeping however how much do we really know about the process.  The vital signs bed monitor provides objective insight so that sleep related problems like COPD or OSA are detected in an early stage.


Applications Ideas

Elderly care bed monitorThe vital signs bed monitor can be used for medical prescreening sleep monitoring studies. It can also be used as a tool that can assist elderly people during the night by monitoring them and alerting help should it be needed. Vital signs bed monitor can sound an alarm in case of emergency or help you to prevent falling by automatically turning on the light or warning a nurse when you leave your bed. This in turn will lead to a better level of care and therefore a better livelihood for people using the product. Vital signs bed monitor will achieve this by alerting help when needed and providing extra monitoring data for professionals.