Full Automatic Blood Centrifuge For PRP Generation – Platelet Rich Plasma

Table Top Blood Centrifuge Fully Sensor Controlled

Angelina is a table top full automatic blood centrifuge for PRP generation. The device combines a full sensor controlled blood separation process that measures, monitors and produces autologous Platelet Richt Plasma (PRP). Angelina uses patented sensor technology to measure the platelet count and intelligent procedure selection algorithms based on years of medical experience, advising on the amount of blood that is required for the selected procedure. A second sensor system provides a clear view of the dividing lines between the blood constituents allowing the health care provider to intervene in the process if required. It allows full component collection of specific blood segments.

Regenerative Medicine 2.0

Angelina is the first completely automated blood centrifuge for generating autologous PRP in one straight sequence without having to remove or transfer the blood outside the device. Angelina is easy to use and its disposable processing kit is affordable and easy to replace with a total processing time of less than 20 minutes. It can run multiple cycles and has a capacity up to 200 milliliters. Angelina is a true all in one solution which will provide a breakthrough for support in regenerative medicine therapies like, chronic wound care management, bone growth stimulation, tendon injuries in sports medicine, and to support wound healing in surgical procedures. Angelina will also support novel regenerative applications like fat transplantations and collagen synthesis in cosmetic procedures.

Angelina medical surgery

Extremely Pure & Highly Consistent Blood Separation

Angelina produces highly consistent, reproducible results due to advanced patented sensor technology controlling the entire process. Therefore it is also no longer possible to make mistakes during the separation process and consistent results can be obtained with less training. The total PRP production time is less than 20 minutes. Platelet concentrations can be derived from only 15μl blood and PRP samples.

Disposable Syringe

Stem Cell Research

With some modifications the Angelina Centrifuge could be turned into a tool able to isolate stem cells from fat tissue or bone marrow. Contact us for possibilities.

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