Prototypes – ready for OEM/ODM/business

Our innovation projects always result in working prototypes. These are always functional (proven proof of concept) and in most cases tested with users (alpha & beta prototypes). 2M is always open to talk about potential next steps of working together in bringing these prototypes to commercial (medically certified) products. This can be in the form as presented or as part of a completely new product idea. Contact us if you are interested to have a more in-depth conversation about the business possibilities.


The prototypes and ideas presented can be a starting point for your new business. We work with different business models and can create a business model that is interesting to all involved parties.

Business 2 Business

We are open to work with companies that want to extend their product portfolio. This can be completely new products or OEM/ODM derivatives of 2M’s existing solutions.


Get in contact if you see potential into bringing one of 2M’s prototypes to commercial product and create a new business around.

Current alpha & beta prototypes