Products & OEM Solutions

2M Engineering specializes in developing sensor products and comprehensive OEM solutions, drawing upon our state-of-the-art expertise in sensors. Our primary focus areas include wearables, medical devices, and industrial and environmental IoT solutions. Our goal is to provide solutions that contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world.

Collaborating with top-notch research organizations, hospitals, and industrial partners worldwide, we excel at translating cutting-edge research into innovative and practical products. We ensure that our solutions meet the required standards, are cost-effective, and can be produced on a large scale.

Our diverse clientele ranges from large multinational companies to start-ups, all sharing a common desire to push the boundaries of what is possible. We support our clients throughout their journey, assisting with everything from idea conception to product development, certification (CE, ATEX, MDR), and production.

Outsource your product development

Streamline your product development by outsourcing to 2M. With our extensive experience, we have built a diverse portfolio of products and solutions that are brought to market by our business partners, often under their own brand names.

Our expertise lies in various technologies, product development skills, and comprehensive application knowledge. By leveraging these capabilities, we create innovative solutions for our clients, minimizing technical development risks, saving valuable time, and reducing overall development costs.

Activ8 wearable health tracker

Example Activ8 activity monitor

  • Used by businesses with own application web/app
  • Clients with extra client specific functions
  • Basis for
  • Data analysis & algorithm development by 2M
  • Spot localization system
  • Clinical trial completed

Our clients

Our clients range from large multinationals to start-ups, each having in common the desire to push existing boundaries.

StartUps & ScaleUps

Use 2M’s building blocks to speed up your market entry. Functionality on all levels can be modified or added. We are used to work with Minimal Viable Products.

We can assist and advice you from initial concept to how to arrange production.

2M believes in a business model that works for all involved stakeholders.

Medical Research Groups

We can create prototypes for new ideas and support early research, clinical studies and validation studies. 2M has a extensive network of research partners and is used to work in hospital and academic settings. 

Also if ambitions are product focussed our services add value.

Companies B2B

Many of our clients are extremely good in marketing and sales and have strong distribution power. 2M can be your innovation partner. Time to bring new products to market can be short and investments low when using already developed solutions.

Contact 2M to explore joint opportunities for working together. 

Start a development project?

A new product development for our clients typically starts in 2 ways:

Derivative of existing product

2M can make variations of existing products for new applications or modify or extend the functionality. Staying close to an existing product execution saves development, certification time, money and effort. 

100% based on client’s requirements

We are also used to completely start from the requirements, idea or concept of the client. This process is typically longer depending on the experience level of the client with doing hardware product development. In most cases there are additional milestones for creating a proof of concept or prototype to validate the solution before bringing it to product level. 

Interested to learn more?

Contact 2M to talk about the possibilities to use existing solutions and building blocks for your product realization.