Prototypes, OEM & ODM

Speed-up your go to market by using existing prototypes & products

Besides client projects 2M is also involved in various (medical) and industrial research projects and also initiates own innovation projects.

These result in prototypes, building blocks or products that come close to the solution you are looking for. Hardware, algorithms, software and IP is in almost all cases owned by 2M. 

This knowhow can be used for your product to reduce time to market, lower development costs and reduce technical risks as most solutions are thoroughly tested in the field under real conditions with real users.

Contactless bedsensor breathing rate, heart rate movement

OEM/ODM 2M prototypes to save & risk

StartUps & ScaleUps

Use 2M’s building blocks to speed up your market entry. Functionality on all levels can be modified or added. We are used to work with Minimal Viable Products. 

We can assist and advice you from initial concept to how to arrange production.

2M believes in a business model that works for all involved stakeholders.

Medical Research Groups

We can create prototypes for new ideas and support early research, clinical studies and validation studies. 2M has a extensive network of research partners and is used to work in hospital and academic settings. 

Also if ambitions are product focussed our services add value.

Companies B2B

Many of our clients are extremely good in marketing and sales and have strong distribution power. 2M can be your innovation partner. Time to bring new products to market can be short and investments low when using already developed solutions.

Contact 2M to explore joint opportunities for working together. 

Interested to learn more?

Contact 2M to talk about the possibilities to use existing solutions and building blocks for your product realization.