Turn ready prototypes into new business with low technical risk

2M Engineering constantly works on innovative solutions, which are always brought to functional prototype. However 2M is not the company that brings these technologies to market. Commercialization is done via partnerships with external entrepreneurs, OEM/ODM of solutions with midsize to large companies or investors.


If you see business potential in one of the prototypes below and have a trackrecord in setting up new businesses, please contact 2M. We can look together how we can shape the new entity so that it’s beneficial for both parties.


2M has gained over the years in depth knowhow with a large number of technical building blocks. This enables 2M to quickly create a completely new application or modify an existing solution (OEM/ODM). Saving time and lowering risk.


If there is an interest for an early stage investment in one of 2M’s solutions please contact 2M. If needed 2M can develop, certify and produce the product and also help in finding a suited entrepreneur.