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Ready prototypes to kickstart your business

These prototypes are ready for next steps towards commercialization. Fully functional, intensively tested with users, first medical validation, reduced technical risk. These prototypes are the result of 2M’s  innovation projects. We are open creative business proposals as long as it creates a win-win for all parties involved. We believe these prototypes are an excellent starting point for a new business. Contact 2M if you are interested.


These prototypes can be the ideal starting point to start your new business. Together we can define how to structure the business aspects so that it’s interesting for all parties.

OEM/ODM Opportunities

Modify these prototypes according to your requirements and specifications. This is often a good starting point for a new product, reducing time, cost and risk.


Turning these ready prototypes into commercial products requires additional funding and time. Contact us if you see opportunities. 2M offers its technical and business expertise and knowhow when needed.

Prototype examples