IoT sewerage water sensor & monitoring system

Complete monitoring system to control waste water infrastructure

Accurate, real-time data

In order for municipalities and water authorities to proactively manage their networks they need data; they need real-time data; and they need the correct real-time data.

Predictive analytics

In addition, they need the tools and technology to correctly analyze, synthesize and process this data to make adjustments capacity utilization as well as and to optimize maintenance and servicing. Predictive analytics.

2M develops, together with a number of partners a smart system for the measurement and analysis of various wastewater parameters. The aim is to create a low cost system to cleverly control wastewater and the infrastructure of the sewerage system. 

This project was made possible by a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund as part of OP-Zuid. For more information see EFRO.

Low cost IoT sewerage water sensor

An easy to install sensor is placed within the sewerage pipe that communicates to the outside world using LORA technology without damaging the pipe. The whole system will be solar powered. When such sensors are placed at various key locations in the network and centrally analyzed powerful metrics can be extracted that gives insights not possible today.

Smart water sensor

Products and Services


Sensor Ring Platform

  • Patented flow-sensor
  • Embedded control
  • Analytics software

Addressable market: all municipal water authorities both waste- and clean water networks)

Business Cases: Optimized maintenance -know what and where to invest in maintenance.  Lower pipe and pump failure rates. Identify illegal waste and properly tax their sources.


Predictive Analytics Platform

  • Input: Multi-dimensional input data sets. Machine Learning (‘AI’)
  • Output: Asset failure mode analysis and prediction.

Addressable market: A wide range of fixed assets: water, energy distribution, city lighting, production plants, transport networks.

Business Case: More effective and efficient asset management, increased up-time of network and nodes identify ‘weak spots’ in network. Pro-active preventative maintenance.


AI-Driven fault detection and measuring system

  • Input: Software interfaces to existing pipeline camera/fault detection systems (example: BUCHEN)
  • Output: EN13508/2 format

Addressable market: Any applications where feeds from robo-camera are manually analyzed (waste-clean-water networks).

Business Case: 10x increase in speed of diagnosis. Fewer errors in fault detection. Lower cost of miss-rates. Lower labor costs -less human visual inspection needed.  Enhanced job quality and job satisfaction.


Consulting Services

We offer end to end strategic and technical advice all the way to project management and execution. Our clients, mostly municipalities seek support across various asset-types, including deployment and data analysis, synthesis and prognosis and recommendations.


Key features

  • Low cost sensor ring that is placed within the sewerage system and can withstand the aggressive environment.
  • Continuous and reliable measurements.
  • Data platform with multi-dimensional analysis giving deep insights in nature, origin and pollution degree over time across a complete city.

Customers and deployment

We have multiple commercial deployments across the Netherlands, notably cities of Breda and Roosendaal. We are advising the cities of Utrecht on sewage system data acquisition, storage and SCADA usage. And the city of Hertogenbosch on automation of wastewater systems.


Sensor Specifications

Measured parameters:
  • Temperature: water and air
  • Water level: mm accuracy
  • Flow: measures flow at different depths
Sensing principle
  • Water level & flow: ultrasonic

Pipe diameter: 20-90cm diameter


  • Wired: RS232, RS485, ethernet, …
  • Wireless: Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2, Wifi (on request)
Power: accu powered or wired
Waterproof: IP68

Ultrasonic sensing

Ultrasonic sensing uses the time of flight (TOF) of an ultrasonic wave and its dependency on the flow rate of the medium to measure and calculate volume flow, using the difference in the propagation time of the ultrasonic wave when transmitted into and against the direction of the flow. This technology is outstanding at measuring volume flow rates across a wide range and works with fluids like water and oil as well as gases like air and methane.


  • Long life time 20 years
  • No moving parts
  • Low minimum flow rate Qmin at 5 – 10 L/hr
  • Can detect small flow leakage ( ~1L/hr )
  • High accuracy
  • Re-calibration >20 years
  • No tampering issue
  • Electronic device to enable AMR


Current Status

Two systems have been installed: one in the city of Breda and one in Roosendaal. The systems are operational and the first data is appearing. Date: 8-02-2019

A first proof of concept has been created that fits in the water sewerage test setup in Breda. The sensor electronics and sensorring fits in a pipe with 300mm diameter. First measurements have been planned. The sensor measures at fixed intervals and sends it to a central point using a LoRa radio module. The sensors measure water height, waterspeed and water temperature in the pipe. The sensorring is completely created using printed electronics sensorfoil. Date:07-03-2018


Within the living lab project ‘Smart City Water Systems’ a number of partners is working together to realize a smart sensor system for the measurement and analysis of various wastewater parameters. These partners are:

i-SAGO, Kanters, Irekcon!, Ziut, TU Delft, SMS Metaal Service, Gemeente Roosendaal, Gemeente Breda

IoT waste water sensor system

Rioned innovatie prijs 2019

Feb 2019

IoT waste water sensor system
IoT waste water sensor system

As mentioned earlier, we are nominated for the Rioned Innovation Prize 2019. Rioned had selected 4 projects out of 12 entries. A great opportunity to show this project to a wider audience. In preparation for this we made a nice animation film in which we can see how we started this project, what we have already achieved together with our partners and where we eventually want to go.  We proudly showed this film after which the audience could ask questions. The result is great. The film was received enthusiastically and people were very interested in the sequel. Of course we are happy with our 3rd prize and that we could use this stage.

Via deze link je de film  bekijken.

IoT waste water sensor system
IoT waste water sensor system
IoT waste water sensor system