VitaMove – multi-sensor activity monitor with ECG

Synchronized recording of activity on multiple locations on the body

VitaMove is an ambulatory monitoring system that measures and stores activity information on one or multiple body locations (chest, upper leg left, upper leg right, lower arm left, lower arm right) in high resolution and with high sample rate. Each body location gets its own small recorder that is wirelessly time syncrhonized with all other recorders in the system. All time-synchronized raw data is downloaded with a special PC application and subsequently analyzed. After the analysis one of the available reports can be chosen to represent the patient information or data can be exported for further processing in other tools.

Ambulatory monitoring

Measure also ECG/EMG, temperature, respiration and environmental light

Each recorder has the possibility to add an extension module which contains a medical grade ExG amplifier. This allows to place the activity information into context of the heart function or respiration rate or vice versa. VitaMove supports up to 8, small, re-chargeable recorders which are easy and comfortable to wear. In combination with VitaScore analysis and reporting software, it becomes a powerful tool to easily track progress of intervention, rehabilitation or training programs. VitaScore can provide both high level reports as well as detailed visualization of all measurements.

VitaMove physical motion tracking

Key features

  • Accurate high-resolution monitoring of activity & posture using 3D accelerometers
  • Measure and store raw information for weeks from chest, arms and/or legs
  • Wireless time synchronization between all recorders
  • Measures ECG, heart Rate, HRV & respiration rate
  • Full automatic analysis & reporting software with automatic activity classification software (45 posture and movement classes)
VitaMove detailed information