Full automatic platelet extraction for platelet function testing using light transmission aggregometry (LTA)

The Thrombospin project enables full automatic platelet extraction for platelet function testing using LTA. The ThromboSpin is an automatic device for platelet separation out of whole blood. The separated platelets are used for platelet function testing via the standard Light Transmission Aggregometry

[LTA] method and counted to quantify the obtained platelet concentration, which enhances the accuracy of the LTA measurement.

Platelet aggregation testing measures the ability of various agonists to platelets to induce in vitro activation and platelet-to-platelet activation. Classically Born aggregometry uses platelet rich plasma [PRP]. In the Born aggregometer, PRP is stirred in a cuvette at 37°C and the cuvette sits between a light course and a photocell. When an agonist is added the platelets aggregate and absorb less light and so the transmission increases and this is detected by the photocell. LTA test takes about 30 minutes.

ThromboSpin is a controlled table top device with disposable blood separation containers. The system is intended to be used in a clinical setting by qualified professionals for obtaining PRP and PPP from whole blood and counting platelet concentrations in platelet rich plasma (PRP) from a sample of one of this fluid.

Project partners: Maastricht University, 2M Engineering, FOCE & Keytec



This project was made possible by a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund as part of OP-Zuid.

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