SwimSensor for athletes – ECG & Motion Recognition

Swimsensor for top sports

Wearable sensor for athletes for monitoring heart and detailed motion analysis

The Swimsense is a waterproof, wearable device for professional swimmers that monitors heart & motion. A 2 trace ECG signal forms the basis for reliable heartrate and heartrate variability measurements during swimming. A 9DOF motion sensor is used to extract various swim features like stroke frequency, lap time, stroke type and instantaneous speed. Embedded algorithms classify all measurements in realtime. The compressed outcomes can be used to provide direct feedback to the swimmer or can be send wireless to the coach on the side using Bluetooth Smart. The coach gets an direct overview of the performance and compliance of all swimmers in the water. No more tedious offline scoring of high-speed underwater camera images, but detailed, accurate information in real-time.

Key features

  • Quality ECG recorder. Reliable & accurate HR & HRV also with a lot of motion.
  • 9 DOF motion sensor. Accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope.
  • Light sensor. Event marker button.
  • Wireless raw data or compressed information streaming using Bluetooth Smart.
  • Validated smart embedded signal processing for various swim features.
  • High-resolution raw sensor data storage on SD-card for research purposes.
  • Waterproof. Easy to wear.
  • Preparation for realtime tactile feedback.

Current status

The validated algorithms in Matlab have been ported to the swimsensor embedded software. Outcomes (strok type, frequency, lap time, turning points) are send wireless over Bluetooth Low Energy and are store in the memory of the device. Results can be downloaded and visualized after the training. Currently validation studies of the complete product are being planned and next steps to bring the alpha prototype to product are investigated. Date: 06-03-2018 

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