Smart Clothing – Sensor & Haptic feedback Technology

Next-generation of smart clothing

2M works on cutting edge smart clothing technology where we integrate haptic feedback and sensors and turn it into complete products that change the way we experience and interact with our apparel.

Industrial eco-system

At the heart of next-generation smart clothing lies a robust and interconnected industrial ecosystem centred around Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where expertise from various fields converges to create revolutionary wearable technology. From researchers pioneering advanced sensors to designers crafting innovative fabric solutions, each stakeholder plays a crucial role in shaping the future of smart apparel. This collaborative approach ensures that smart clothing not only meets the highest standards of functionality, technology and comfort but also embodies cutting-edge design aesthetics.

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Smart Clothing technology integration

Our expertise in smart clothing

Haptic Feedback: elevating wearable experiences

Explore the transformative potential of haptic feedback in smart clothing technology as it enhances our connection with technology and empowers us to engage with our surroundings in novel ways.

Merge sensors in your smart clothing

Discover how the advancements in sensor technology are reshaping the landscape of wearable devices and smart clothing offering unprecedented insights into our health, well-being and environment.

Turn ideas into commercial products

The combination of smart clothing, haptic feedback and sensors empowers new applications for healthcare and wellness, from remote patient monitoring to personalised fitness coaching and everything in between. 2M proven skills in development, certification and production can help you to get new innovations to market faster.

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Smart Clothing with haptic feedback and integrated sensor technology

Beyond Fashion: Smart Clothing as lifestyle enhancers

Experience the fusion of style and functionality as smart clothing seamlessly integrates into our daily lives, offering personalized insights, real-time feedback, and enhanced comfort. Join us at the forefront of innovation as we collaborate with designers, software companies and all other technical disciplines to shape the future of smart clothing and create experiences that inspire and empower.

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