Skunkx – Rechargable electrically heated massage shoes

Warm your feet with the push of a button

Cold feet are a serious problem for many people. Skunkx innovative footwear is our answer to get warm feet again. With the press of a button Skunkx actively warm and gently massage your feet making you feel comfortably warm and relaxed within minutes. Skunkx use re-chargeable batteries, allowing you to walk without any restrictions. When the batteries are empty simply recharge and enjoy again. Skunkx are made of the finest quality natural materials. Suede on the outside and soft, comfortable sheep wool on the inside, guaranteeing optimal conditions for your feet. Experience the luxurious feel of new energy and warmth flowing through your feet and legs.

Key features

  • Always warm feet by active heat technology, keeping feet comfortably warm feet at 39°C
  • Relaxes tired feet by soft vibration massage & improves blood circulation
  • Build in rechargeable battery
  • Easy to use
  • Durable materials (suede leather and sheep wool)