Rejiva – Wireless biofeedback patch (ECG & Activity)

Consumer device that monitors lifestyle

2M did a number of projects for the Ruijven Rejiva. The Rejiva is the first wireless biofeedback patch that captures overall health, manages stress, appraises the aging process, and tracks sleep and energy level. Rejiva measures Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Respiratory Rate, Sleep Position, Restfulness, Breathing Index, and Energy Level to analyze the state of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

Key features

  • Overall Health – captures health changes and possible health threats early
  • Stress – manages existing stress and builds a strong stress resistance
  • Inner Aging – appraises biological age to slow the aging process
  • Energy – tracks energy level, expenditure, and indicates the best times to be active
  • Rest – monitors restfulness, rest efficiency, rest position and breathing index

2M’s contribution

2M supported Rijuven in a number of projects with various signal processing algoritms for their Rejiva product including the energy related features like activity, calories spend and the fall detection. Besides the more product development oriented questions 2M received we also looked at technical feasibility of certain features by making test setups and performing tests with a small number of subjects to prove validity before moving towards development.