Reflow soldering oven – for fast temperature transitions

Soldering Requiring Demanding Profiles

The Rapid Reflow Oven is designed for reflow soldering processes where ultra short temperature transition times and high temperature stability is required. Due to the design has an extremely low downwards heat leakage, excellent temperature over its full range from 25-500°C is achieved. This makes the Rapid Reflow Oven the ideal platform for high temperature reflow soldering applications like gold tin, gold germanium and gold silicon, curing of temperature based glues and many other applications that demand short temperature transition times, complex temperature profiles and high temperature stability up to 500°C.

Key features

  • Stable, high temperature soldering at 25 – 500°C with ramp up rates up to 4°C per second and cool down of 2°C per second  (on request up to 4°C/sec)
  • Ultra short temperature transition times –  Short ramp up time; 20 to 500°C within 200 seconds. Fast temperature response allows for multi step heating and cooling profiles.
  • Minimal component degradation – Short temperature exposure ensures minimal component degradation during processing. Potential applications include LED’s, optical (laser) components, power (RF base station) chips and GaN based amplifiers.
  • Economical solution – Low power consumption; only heats up when in-use. Low heat leakage to environment. Short ramp up/settling times improving process efficiency. Reliable; complete monolithic construction without any moving parts ensuring fast repair and maximal uptime. No downwards heat leakage.
Rapid Reflow Oven - Soldering oven for fast temperature transitions

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