QSense Motion Capture System

What is the QSense Motion Capture System?

QSense-Motion is an IMU based wearable, wireless motion capture platform designed for innovators, developers and researchers. It enables effortless creation of motion tracking applications tailored for sports or health rehabilitation.

QSense-Motion is optimised for low latency and real-time motion tracking, making it ideal for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality gaming, professional exercise and rehabilitation applications.

QSense is used in sports labs, research organisations, health rehabilitation, exergame developers and client specific OEM/ODM product developments.

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QSense Motion Capture System
QSense IMU Motion Sensor

QSense Motion Capture: How it works

Wireless BLE IMU Motion Sensors

The QSense IMU Motion Sensor is a 9 DOF Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) measuring accelerations, gyroscopic velocities and the magnetic field using a magnetometer. These can be outputted as raw data output or quaternion data. The device contains a rechargeable battery and is IP67 waterproof. The motion sensor has a button and 5 multi purpose RGB light indicators.

Software Applications

The QSense PC & Mobile Applications enable users to quickly setup the system, collect raw sensor and quaternions data, assign sensors to body segments and provide a live visualisation of a 3D movements.

Open Interfaces & Integration

Creating your own applications is easy and straightforward using the QSense API’s. We can also provide code examples or offer integration support to make addition of motion-sensors as smooth as possible.

More information?

Want to know more about the QSense Motion Capture system or similar solutions? Contact 2M Engineering. Or go to the QSense-Motion website.