OSAJA – Wearable blood oxygen sensor

Reliable wearable blood oxygen sensor

Within the OSAJA feasibility project 2M investigates how to create the optimal light path so that heart rate and SPO2 can be measured reliably under all conditions. Conditions that typically lead to problems are when there is a lot of movement like when people are running. Based on this knowledge a first functional prototype of the optical engine will be build.

First application in mind is for pre diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Key features

  • Applications: heart rate monitoring, pulse oximetry, proximity sensor.
  • Measurement of red (660 nm), green (530 nm), infrared (940 nm) at 23bits, up to 1000 sps.
  • The measurement starts or stops automatically when the sensor touches skin or is removed from the skin.
  • High-resolution storage on SD-card for research and clinical purposes. Use over longer periods.
  • On-board signal processing for specific heart problems.
  • Wireless BLE for sending essential (compressed) information to smartphone / cloud.
OSAJA - Wearable heart rate and blood oxygen monitor