Noninvasive monitoring of blood glucose – multi-laser Raman Spectroscopy

The problem of diabetes

Diabetes is an rapidly growing chronic disease with dramatic effects and causes a severe burden on those affected. Today there are around 220 million people globally diagnosed with diabetes. Managing diabetes is a must to prevent further complications and to provide a better quality of life for suffers. Research  by Newman and Turner in 2005 showed that it is necessary for diabetics to monitor their glucose levels consistently. This must be done multiple times a day to manage glucose levels properly. Most diabetics however don’t do this.

Finger prick – painful & costly

Today, diabetics must carry out a “finger prick” test as part of their blood glucose level management. Many diabetics fail to do so even once for a number of reasons: pain avoidance, disliking the sight of blood, cost of the test strips, the test protocol and the risk of infection. 

Noninvasive blood glucose monitoring device using multi-laser Raman spectroscopy

2M is developing a solution for noninvasive monitoring of blood glucose using multi-laser Raman Spectroscopy. Our solution will allow people with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels in a quick and painless manner, for a low price.

When using normal Raman Spectroscopy very little light undergoes Raman scattering, therefore high integration times are required to achieve a usable signal-to-noise ratio. Therefore we focus on multi-wavelength Raman spectroscopy and combines that with a new short pulsed laser.

Noninvasive glucose monitoring using multi-laser Raman spectroscopy

Key features

  • Accurate and painless glucose monitoring without damaging the skin
  • Measurement within 10 minutes
  • Continuous glucose monitoring
non-invasive glucose meter