Medical Infrared Temperature Sensor

Fast & accurate measurement of core body temperature

Within seconds the medical infrared temperature sensor measures the temperature of a user’s face. It recognizes a face and computes the core body temperature accurately at distances ranging from 30-80cm. The accuracy of ±1 degree over the full camera-head distance is achieved by combining infrared camera and laser technology with smart algorithms.

The Infrared Temperature Sensor is connected via a USB interface to a computer, which powers the device and handles the communication with the device. Measurements can be started from the computer after which the temperature sensor send back the temperature value according to the defined API.

Medical infrared temperature sensor
Infrared-core-body-temperature-camera sensor

Possible applications of the medical infrared temperature sensor

  • Health kiosks
  • Health screening points.
  • Accurate temperature screening at airports.
  • Home use.

Technical Specifications

  • Application: contactless temperature monitoring in humans. Humans are stationary during the temperature measurement.
  • Measurement distance: 30-80cm
  • Temperature range: 34oC and 43oC
  • Accuracy: ±0.5oC at a distance of 40cm, ±0.8oC over the full distance range. 

Current status

All development has been finalized. The product is industrialized and can be manufactured cost-effectively.

The medical validation is  ongoing. First test results show an accuracy of about ±0.8oC over the full distance range. Our aim is to turn it into a Class Im medical product.


BeWell Innovations, 2M Engineering. 

We are open for OEM/ODM.

Funded by

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