Medical health scanner

Quick health scan combining temperature, ECG, SPO2 and heart sound

2M has created various prototype devices being designed for people to measure a number of physiological parameters: temperature, ECG/heart rate, and pulse oxymetry—all cuffless, wireless and in seconds.

The vital signs are obtained from a gentle touch with both hands on the Health tracking device touching the forehead. All measurements are sent via wireless BLE to the user’s smartphone. The information is designed to be displayed, stored and shared via a dedicated health app.

Within 2M practical experience with a large number of vital signs, sensors and signal processing building blocks are available which allows creation of innovative medical tricorders. Off the shelf sensors include: respiration, ECG, optical HR/HRV, accelero, compass, gyro, airflow, pulse oxygen, temperature, sound or galvanic skin response. 2M can also create custom sensors. Embedded signal processing knowhow to turn raw data into information to stream or store more efficiently or use as directly actionable data is within our organization.

Key features

  • Measures: HR / ECG (thru the fingers), SPO2, activity, temperature, heart sound, airflow
  • On-board signal processing
  • Wireless BLE connectivity for sending essential (compressed) information to smartphone / cloud.
  • On device real-time alarm feedback
Vital Signs Health Check

Vital Signs Sensor Platform

2M is experienced with most vital signs and sensors to create the medical tricorder or quantified sensor device of tomorrow. 


Besides measuring the physical quantity most of our knowhow is in the vital signs signal processing: how to derive valuable information from the raw measurement data. This is done by various signal processing techniques that we have developed over time. This basket of techniques is used on one or on a combination of different sensor signals.