Medical device control module with integrated display

The medical device control module with integrated display can form the central control unit of new medical devices. The medical device control module contains a number of common functions that can be found in most medical devices. The medical device control module can easily be modified to meet other device specifications.

Biomarkers for cardiovascular disease
Biomarkers for cardiovascular disease

Medical Device Module

Full device control with inputs/outputs


Graphical display with capacitive touch


Connectivity USB, Ethernet, BLE 5.0


Identification RFID

Medical device control system


Main application

  • Main controller – low power medical applications and procedures
  • Real-time clock
  • Memory – store usage or device statistics
  • Processing heavy applications can be done via additional processing unit.

User Interface

  • RFID/NFC identification with external antenna
  • Graphical interface (2.4” 240x320px to 7.0” 800x480px)
  • Capacitive or resistive touchscreen
  • Audio out: sound alerts / alarms


  • Inputs: 5 (more on request)
  • Outputs: 5 (more on request)
  • Digital busses: RS232, I2C, SPI
  • USB2.0 connectivity – setup, configuration, measurement readout, upgradability
  • Wireless BLE 5.0 connectivity – setup, configuration, measurement readout, upgradability

Product design

  • Single control unit – easy to replace, minimal EMC disturbance, maximum robustness

RoHS and REACH compliant

Medical device control module with integrated display

Modularity and fast customisation to new medical devices

The modular architecture allows for fast customisation of the main application and user interface to your specifications. You define how the medical device should work and we implement the complete functionality including the user interface logic and look and feel of the various screens according to your specifications. We can remove or add functionalities if requested. 

Client case – UV Smart

UV Smart makes disinfection solutions for medical instruments and equipment using UV-C light. This UV-C light kills all microorganisms to log-5.

Reduce the spread of microorganisms through a validated, safe and user-friendly disinfection method that is easy to integrate into existing work processes.

Healthcare-associated infections are a common problem within the healthcare sector. They are infections that can largely be prevented if there is a more hygienic way of working within healthcare. Increasing use of medical instruments and equipment pose a high risk of spreading pathogenic microorganisms and thus of contracting a care-related infection. A consistent method of cleaning and disinfection is required for safe use.

Due to the lack of a consistent and controlled method of disinfection, care providers today are assigned to manual methods with wipes and disinfectants. This means that a high level of disinfection cannot always be achieved and therefore the safety for patients and caregivers cannot be guaranteed.

More information see: UV Smart

UV Smart Sanistation