Personalized and adaptive training app for runners

HR monitor, running speed, GPS location


INSPIRUN Personalized and adaptive training app for runners

INSPIRUN is a personalized and adaptive trainingapp for runners and coaches, for Android and iOS devices.  Tailor made coach could help to prevent injuries, maintain good intentions / motivation and supports setting of new goals. Based on a number of profiling questions the app determines what type of runner you are (based on detailed runner profiles) and which targets are most appropriate for the type of runner and the experience level. Based on this information a training program is selected in which each training session is adjusted based on a number of parameters that are monitored in combination with the feeling of the runner. Special about this app is that the runner gets personalized feedback based on their personal motives and preferences. This app is unique compared to existing systems that mostly miss the translation towards the individual and/or do not provide personalized training programs. InspiRun does take into account wo is running and what he/she finds important.

This development matches with existing research initiatives (Technical University Eindhoven, KU Leuven, Cooperation Marathon Eindhoven) based on the profiling of runners. We could use information of 12.000 runners for our profiling. These profiles were validated in a next step by individual runners in parks, woods and urban environments and coupled to training programs for a number of distances and speeds.INSPIrun-LOGO

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