HeartEye – Portable on-the-Go ECG device

What is HeartEye?

HeartEye is a portable on-the-go ECG Device that delivers instant results combined with clinical-grade accuracy. The pocket sized device offers instant ECG results within a minute. This ECG device enables users to obtain an ECG reading anytime, almost anywhere with clinical grade accuracy comparable to traditional hospital based ECG machines. 

Our client HeartEye is a healthcare startup founded by leading Dutch cardiologists. The product development is realised in collaboration with NPK design and Q42.

HeartEye - Portable on-the-go ECG Device: instant results, clinical-grade accuracy
HeartEye - Portable on-the-go ECG Device: instant results, clinical-grade accuracy

HeartEye: How it works

The process is simple: hold the ECG device against your chest for a minute, the app analyzes and creates an ECG reading. In future versions the app will give advice based on your cardiac health.

This Next-gen ECG device can be used in a hospital, GP or with a patient at home. Providing multi-lead, clinically validated medical grade ECGs.

HeartEye’s mission: reducing unnecessary heart attacks

HeartEye was founded by Dutch cardiologists who realised that the majority of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases happen outside the hospital. Cardiovascular problems account for one in three deaths in the Netherlands, the majority of these fatalities (90%) occur outside of the hospital. The main goal is helping patients to reduce hospital visits.

The problem of cardiac diagnostic devices

The main problem of most cardiac diagnostic ECG devices is that they are large, stationary, and often complicated to use. Therefore most ECG procedures are still conducted exclusively within hospital settings by trained professionals, which leads to time-consuming processes, considerable expenses, and restricted diagnostic capabilities limited to a single point in time. 

2M’s contribution to HeartEye

At 2M, we’re proud to have developed the cutting-edge electronics, embedded algorithms, and software powering the innovative HeartEye device. But our involvement doesn’t stop there. We’re also taking charge of obtaining the crucial medical device certification for the hardware, ensuring compliance with the highest industry standards. And when it comes to bringing this groundbreaking medical device to life, you can count on 2M to handle the production process with precision and care. Trust in our expertise to deliver excellence every step of the way.

More information?

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