FootSense – Pressure and shear force sensor insoles

Ambulatory pressure and shear force sensor insoles that fit any shoe

Target of the FootSense project is to create ambulatory pressure insoles that fit in any shoe. This is a flexible platform that in measures pressure in one or multiple locations and can optionally be extended with shear force measurement. In the current prototype this raw information is recorded on SD-card and can be combined with 9 DOF measurements for further analysis or algorithm development. The platform is hardware prepared to do on-board signal processing and wireless transmission of measured data using wireless BLE. In the coming period the insole pressure sensor is going to be validated for medical use.

Key features

  • Ambulatory use. Fits in every shoe.
  • High-resolution capacitive pressure measurement in 4 simultaneous locations.
  • Optional possibility to measure shear force. Use over longer periods.
  • Storage on SD-card for research purposes.
  • 9 DOF sensor (acceleration,  gyroscope, compass).
  • On-board signal processing for future smart algorithms.
  • Wireless BLE for sending essential (compressed) information to smartphone / cloud.
FootSense - Ambulatory Pressure Insoles

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