Flight Sense System

What is the Flight Sense System?

The Flight Sense System is a development for air force pilots enabling physiological monitoring and post-flight feedback. It encompasses the integration of ECG, respiration, movement tracking, and more within a single garment. This innovation aims to enhance the safety and well-being of fighter pilots during future flights.

The project is a collaboration between 2M Engineering, Elitac Wearables, TNO and the Ministry of Dutch Defence.

The Flight Sense System is a development for air force pilots enabling physiological monitoring and post-flight feedback.
Flight Sense Recorder - 1Ch ECG, BioZ Respiration, 9DOF IMU motion capturing. BLE wireless connectivity.

Flight Sense System: How it works

ECG Belt

The Flight Sense System is a lightweight belt with integrated dry electrodes for one lead ECG and respiration measurement. The belt is worn around the chest and developed by Elitac wearables. The belt is connected to a recorder.


The multi-sensor recorder measures and stores the ECG, BioZ respiration and IMU motion data during the complete flight. Other physiological signals can also be measured with the same recorder.

Flight case – readout, store and visualize

Charging, downloading and recording management happens via a flight case that can contain upto 12 recorders. All recorded data is encrypted and locally stored. Pilots and other authorised people are able to visualize physiological data.

Textile wearable Flight Sense strap & recorder

New insights

Fighter pilots often encounter high G-forces during flight, which may lead to health issues. The Flight Sense System monitors pilots’ physiological parameters, offering insights into their health status and aiding in the prevention of potential health problems.


The Flight Sense System is washable and therefore reusable, offering greater durability compared to conventional gel electrodes, which are discarded after each use. Recorders are IP67 waterproof and tested against medical device standards.


The Flight Sense System incorporates non-intrusive, skin safe dry electrodes, making it easy to use and comfortable. Fighter pilots barely notice they’re wearing a monitoring garment due to it’s exceptional flexibility and lightweight design.


The Flight Sense system is easy and fast to work with without requiring in-depth technical knowledge. Setting up a new measurement is done in seconds using wireless technology. Data is stored in an encrypted safe format and failsafe mechanisms ensure data integrity at all times.

Current status

The subsequent phase involves uncontrolled user testing by fighter pilots of the Royal Dutch Airforce. We have manufactured 12 recorders and 2 docking cases and delivered 50 straps. The system will undergo uncontrolled testing by the fighter pilots themselves. Positive outcomes will enable us to refine the prototypes. The recorder has undergone most CE test upto medical standards, which will be completed in the next 2 months.

2M Engineering development partner of Aeolus

Aeolus, located at the Human Tech Campus in Soesterberg, is a prominent innovation center focused on enhancing human performance under extreme conditions in military aerospace. The center was established through a collaboration between the Royal Netherlands Air Force and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). Its primary goal is to improve the readiness and operational effectiveness of military pilots, aircrew, and maintenance personnel by fostering access to innovative products and services.

The Aeolus facility includes world-class research and training amenities such as the human centrifuge, hypobaric chamber, and the advanced Desdemona simulator. These facilities support extensive research, product development, testing, and training in human performance, emphasizing physical and cognitive performance and human-system interaction.

A key feature of Aeolus is its Pilot Readiness Center (PRC), which allows for the customization and testing of essential flight equipment like the F-35 helmet. This center significantly reduces the time pilots need to spend traveling for equipment testing, thus enhancing their operational efficiency.

Aeolus aims to shorten the time-to-market for innovative ideas by fostering close cooperation between end-users, manufacturers, and researchers. This collaboration ensures the rapid development and deployment of cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of military aviation.

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