Equine rider – posture trainer during horseriding

Equine posture sensor provides detailed insight in your riding position

The Equine posture sensor is a chest worn device that constantly monitors your posture. It gives real-time auditory or tactile feedback to the rider to correct ones posture. Information over a whole training can be stored in the device for laster download. Posture information can also be streamed wireless using wireless BLE to a smartphone for own use of for the coach to get live information on the posture of one or multiple riders. A perfect tool to give objective information. Initial tests have shown that once people become aware of their incorrect sitting posture they are actively going to look for ways to improve like muscle training.

Equine rider - posture trainer during horse riding

Key features of the Equine posture sensor

  • Real-time auditive or tactile posture feedback for direct training effects
  • On-board storage of measurement data
  • Live stream to coach smartphone on the side
Equine posture sensor - posture trainer during horse riding