Toolmanager – electronic IoT sticker makes objects smart

Electronic IoT sticker to track status of objects

2M is developing electronic IoT stickers that turn normal objects into smart objects. These smart electronic IoT stickers collect a number of parameters depending on the exact application. Think of parameters like:

  • Temperature
  • Movement
  • Pressure
  • Humidity
  • (UV) light exposure. 

Indoor tracking of location

Besides status information of an object these sensors also provide key information about indoor localization of objects. No more searching of equipment in hospitals or other large organizations.

Benefit of the toolmanager system is that there is no need to install a complete new and costly IoT system but uses existing mobile devices. Over time these systems can be make smarter and more advanced.  

Electronic IoT stickers make objects smart


  • Innovative functionalities
  • Low power design
  • Small size
  • Decentralized data
  • Sensors: (UV) light sensor, accelerometer, temperature, humidity, force, memory, user interface


Event logging

  • Use
  • Misuse
  • Information


  • Ready for use
  • Needs inspection / cleaning


  • Find in room
  • Find in building

Active, semi-active and fully passive IoT stickers

These electronic IoT stickers can be read out using wireless BLE or Near Field Communication (NFC) depending on the exact application. 

Applications and markets

The electronic IoT sticker technology can be used for a number of applications. Current focus is on providing solutions for hospitals and care organizations, but the technology can be applied at a much wider scale from tracking of samples, portable devices to stationary objects that require frequent and regular checkups. 

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