SPO2 sensor watch with PPG HR detection

Accurate SPO2 sensor watch

COSMET is a SPO2 sensor watch with PPG based HR detection that is worn on the wrist.  The device senses with an optical sensor on the wrist: no additional finger-cuffs required. The SPO2 signals on the wrist are much more susceptible to noise and movement artifacts. This is the core value that 2M created: signal processing algorithms that deal with these movements and still provide an accurate SPO2 value when possible. 

Measurements of the SPO2 sensor watch

The following vital signs are measured with the SPO2 sensor watch:

  • SPO2 blood oxygen saturation 
  • PPG based Heart Rate
  • Breathing rate
  • Body activity

Key features

  • Accurate & medically validated wearable SPO2 sensor watch for day and night home use.
  • Wrist worn
  • Medical research, clinical and home applications
COSMET Wrist based SPO2 sensor


  • Wrist based optical SPO2 & HR sensor
  • Measurement synchronisation: USB & wireless BLE
  • User interface: OLED display, 2 buttons
  • Tactile feedback: remind or alarm the user
  • Measurement storage: flash
  • Algorithms: accelerometer & temperature sensor based


First applications we foresee are in sleep research and clinical applications. Our aim is to create a medical product that can be used in a home environment without disturbing people‚Äôs night sleep to detect sleep related problems that stay now undiagnosed.  


Currently the prototype has no medical device certification. It is our intention to bring it to market as a medically certified SPO2 sensor watch.


This project was made possible by a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund as part of Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland.