Contact-free sleep sensors

What is the sleep sensor?

The Sleep Sensor is a sensor strip that tracks movement, occupancy, heart rate and breathing rates for research, clinical or end-user applications. The extremely sensitive piezo sensor can be combined with a force sensor to also get reliable presence detection.

This solution is available for OEM integration in your end-application or software platform.

Bedsensor OEM sleep sensor
contactless medical sleep sensor

Sleep sensor: Possibilities

Contact-Free sleep Sensor

For prolonged periods of sleep monitoring it is essential that the user does not feel the sleep sensor at all. Therefore this sensor will be placed under the mattress.

integration in mattresses, chairs etc.

This sleep sensor can also be fully integrated into a mattress. The same technology can also be integrated in cushions, toppers, chairs or couches. This provides information on use, movement and vital information about the user.

Smart algorithms

The quality of the bed sensor output is, besides the extremely sensitive sensing technology, determined by the quality of the signal processing algorithms.

New insights

The sleep sensor can provide raw sensor data (upto 250sps) or compressed (1sps) vital signs like in/out bed detection, bed occupancy, breathing rate, heart rate and movement intensity. If combined with our pressure sensor features can be further enhanced.

Durable & Comfort

The sleep sensor is placed under the mattress and can stay there for years, without being noticed. The device is mains connected or can for specific applications also be battery powered.

Wireless Connectivity

The sleep sensor uses wireless BLE or Zigbee connectivity. Other wireless technologies on request. Furthermore its also possible to make a wired (UART) connection via the USB connector.

Open interfaces

Connect directly with your own software application using our open API.

Sleep sensor

Current status

The Sleep sensor is ready for integration in commercial applications.

More information?

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