Connected Car Sensor Platform

Wireless bridge between vehicle and cloud server

The Connected Car Sensor Platform 

[CCSP] is a wireless bridge between a vehicle (car, truck or bus) and a central server. This enables real-time, event based or periodic two-way communication between the vehicle and a central server. This enables remote following of individual cars or a complete fleet. The CCSP consists of a number of sensors, core hardware and software building blocks, but these are easy to be changed, added or removed. These customizations are customer specific as well as the development of the overall application.

The SCCM is available as OEM module or can be fully customized on customer request.ConnectedCarConnectivityModule

  • Flexible Architecture – easily change, add or remove building blocks
  • Sensors – temperature,  accelleration, tilt, angles, movement, humidity, battery level, custom
  • GPRS – real-time 2 way communicatation with the vehicle
  • Data Logging – store events or continuous sensor data, GPS location and other important vehicle information
  • GPS – localization, see where vehicles are, where are they moving, where do they stop
  • CAN interface – directly communicate with the CAN system (professional use only)
  • Wireless Bluetooth SMART Connectivity – directly communicate with smartphones and tablets (WIFI optional)
  •  IO – digitial in/out, 1 wire, IC2, SPI


Smartphone App development (iPhone, Android)


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