Automotive IoT sensor platform with GPS

Connect every vehicle to the cloud with 3G or LTE-M

The automotive connected sensor platform collects key information from a vehicle and sends it to the cloud and vice versa. This can continuously done via a GPRS connectivity interface or at regular intervals via a smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy of Wifi. The platform also has its own build in GPS module. This enables remote monitoring of individual cars or a complete fleet. The automotive connected sensor platform has a modular approach so that the type and number of sensors and possible output signals can can easily be modified depending on application needs.

This system is tested for 2 applications: fleet location in combination with fuel theft and CO2 emission reduction where this system functioned as a start/stop system for cars that did not have this function.

Key features

  • Flexible Architecture – easily change, add or remove building blocks
  • Sensors – temperature,  accelleration, tilt, angles, movement, humidity, battery level, custom
  • GPRS – real-time 2 way communicatation with the vehicle
  • Data Logging – store events or continuous sensor data, GPS location and other important vehicle information
  • GPS – localization, see where vehicles are, where are they moving, where do they stop
  • CAN interface – directly communicate with the CAN system (professional use only)
  • Wireless Bluetooth SMART Connectivity – directly communicate with smartphones and tablets (WIFI optional)
  •  IO – digitial in/out, 1 wire, IC2, SPI
Automotive connected sensor platform