Activ8 Gen1- physical activity monitor with sit stand walk cycle run classification

Automatically recognizes your daily activities

Activ8 is a complete physical activity monitoring solution that automatically recognizes your activities. The following activities are recognized:

  • Non-wear
  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Walking
  • Cycling 
  • Running

The Activ8 tracker measures duration and intensity per activity class and energy expenditure. Data can be synchronized using the USB or wireless BLE interface. Information is stored on the GDPR compliant Activ8 Cloud platform. Activity data can be visualized by end-users or coaches using the Activ8 Dashboard in your browser or via the Activ8 App (iOS and Android). 

Validated Physical Activity Recognition

This tracker is one of the most accurate physical activity trackers available. Validation studies for both the energy expenditure and activity recognition have been done by Erasmus Medical Center and Radboud University.


Activ8 is created for remote coaching for e-health, clinical and research applications.

Key features

  • Accurate and validated classification of activities (sitting, standing, walking, cycling, running) & measurement of energy expenditure
  • Synchronize data to the Activ8 Cloud via USB on Windows and MAC OSX or via the Activ8 app (Android or iOS) using BLE
  • Personal dashboard with personal plan, graphs, coach chat to monitor your progress
  • Coach dashboard with access to a group of participants. Assign additional coaches and care providers
  • Measure upto 30 days
  • Cloud storage – GDPR compliant, no commercial intentions with activity data, no additional monthly fees
  • Easily integrate with 3rd party (hospital) information systems
Activ8 wearable health tracker

Activ8 Tracker – wireless Ble

  • Validated activity recognition – sit, stand, walk, cycle, run
  • Accurate energy expenditure monitoring
  • Small, lightweight device worn in the pocket
  • Real-time daily target indicator with “emoticon” feedback
  • Continuous monitoring up to 30 days
  • Wireless synchronize with your smartphone Activ8 App(Android & iOS)
  • Plug into your PC & synchronize via USB with your Activ8 dashboard
  • Synchronise your Activ8 wirelessly with the Activ8 App via wireless BLE

What’s included

  • A8016 Physical Activity Monitor – Wireless BLE
  • USB to micro USB adapter
  • Protection pouch
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Access to your personal dashboard or Activ8 smartphone app (no monthly subscriptions!)

Personal dashboard – web browser based

  • Create awareness about lifestyle and (in)activity with the client dashboard.
  • Increase step by step activity levels or moment minutes using a personal activity plan with set goals.
  • Clear insight in energy expenditure, food intake, daily activities. Compare achievements with other clients.
  • Communicate and receive feedback from a professional coach (optional)

Coach dashboard

  • Easy access to clients personal dashboards and graphs for remote coaching
  • Coach-client chat function
  • Assign multiple coaches to clients
  • Set targets and goals for individual users
  • Customize user dashboards by en/disabling widgits

Activ8 App (iOS, Android)

  • Synchronize your activity data with the Activ8 cloud
  • Insight in your daily activities
  • Talk to your coach
Activ8 smartphone app

Technical specifications

  • Real-time activity progress and daily target indication
  • Validated activity classification and energy expenditure
  • Measurement data : accessible as csv file, every 5 minutes a summary on second basis is written containing activity classification and movement intensity
  • Internal sample frequency: 50Hz
  • Micro USB connector : upload data via PC to server & charge device
  • Wireless : yes, BLE compatible
  • Battery : lithium polymer (rechargeable)
  • Operating time (fully charged): > 30 days (depends on how often there is synchronized)
  • Charge time : < 2 hrs
  • Battery low / charge indicator : yes
  • Device dimensions [L x W x T ] : 30 x 32 x 10 mm
  • Weight: 20 g
  • Color: White

OEM / ODM possibilities

The complete Activ8 platform is also a demonstration of 2M’s overall capabilities. Our strength is mainly in the physical activity / motion monitoring product including the embedded (validated) algorithms and embedded software in the device. It is also possible to use Activ8 in your existing software / cloud solution via the application interface descriptions that are available.

More information

More information, online products can be found on the Activ8 website.
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