Activ8 Gen2 Physical Activity Monitor

Activity Tracking Perfected For Professionals

Activ8 second generation wearable physical activity monitor is the ultimate physical activity tracker for lifestyle, research, studies and education. With Activ8 Gen 2, you can seamlessly monitor and record physical activity data with ease and precision. With all the insights gained over the previous years, this activity tracker has been enhanced to become the ideal solution for professional applications.

Activ8 Gen 2 Professional Activity Monitor
QSense IMU Motion Sensor

Key features

  • Activity recordings upto 10 Weeks
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Automatic & Validated Activity Recognition
  • Accurate Step Counting
  • Activity or Sleep + Activity Tracking

Data in Multiple Useful Formats

The Activ8 device offers a robust solution for gathering physical activity & sleep data in various useful formats. Activ8 offers summarized physical activity information utilizing advanced compression technology. 

Furthermore, Activ8 facilitates the collection of prefiltered 1Hz data for up to 10 days, enabling real-world data collection in user settings. This capability expedites prototyping, fostering the development of innovative applications, particularly in medical, rehabilitation, sleep, and sports fields. 

Finally the device allows the capture of raw 16-bit XYZ acceleration data at 50Hz for up to 7.5 hours, providing flexibility for varied data collection needs.

Activ8 Sleep report

Activ8 PC application

Activ8 PC application

Easy to use

The new Activ8 PC application is extremely easy to use. All data is stored locally, but with the device API Activ8 can easily be integrated in complete solutions.


Activ8 can store summarised data for long measurements, store rich 1Hz pre filtered data or raw accelerometer data. Besides activity recognition also strides (steps) and sit to stand transfers are accurately counted.

Graphs & reports

Direct visualisation of recordings or advanced reporting. Overview over the complete recording, weekviews to zooming in to specific events.


The activity recognition algorithms, step counting algorithms have been validated by multiple medical research groups to ensure the most accurate results.

Current status

Activ8 is a product that is currently be sold via

More info about Activ8?

More information?

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