9DOF Hand Motion Tracking

Accurate tracking of Hand and Finger movements

Based on our 9DOF motion tracking platform we also created a miniaturized version that can be used for accurate finger and hand tracking applications. Our main focus areas so far are rehabilitation and gaming applications.

Within this platform we measure with low latency acceleration, gyroscopic movements and the earth magnetic field strength. The solution provides raw data or can stream quaternions that can immediately used by third party game developers.

For demanding research applications one can work with up to 20 sensors, 3 on each finger, but for most use cases we will minimize the amount of sensors to make the product more affordable, and reduce the complexity for the user.

9DOF hand motion tracking
9DOF hand motion tracking
Overmolding electronics for maximum miniaturiation.

Overmolding electronics

For us it was important to make extremely small, low profile sensors. We accomplished this by directly overmolding the electronics which results in minimal extra height.

Proof of Concept Demonstrator

In the video you see a (very) large version of our motion sensors, but the ideas with the final technology platform are the same: accurate tracking of the hand and fingers.

If you have further questions or are interested to use these technologies in your projects or products don’t hesitate to contact 2M.