Sleep tracker to monitor sleep behavior

Sleep tracker for SleepFysio After an intake SleepFysio client’s sleep behaviour is mapped out with the aid of the SleepID sleep tracker sensor. For a certain period of time, clients sleep with a SleepID sensor on their chest. This accurately registers the client’s sleep behaviour, sleep position, sleep climate and sleep rhythm. With the results, …

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UPRIGHT – Parkinson posture correction & cueing device

A device supporting self training for Parkinson patients to improve posture and mobility UPRIGHT enables and assists Parkinson patients in improving their daily mobility. UPRIGHT corrects posture by alerting Parkinson patients when their posture deviates excessively from an upright position. Different warning angles can be set by care givers for forwards and sideways posture. The UPRIGHT  also improves …

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MyMoves – Wheelchair activity sensor – gaming platform

Activate wheelchair users! 2M Engineering and Fantazm have developed MyMoves as part of a national call from the Dutch Ministry of Health. The call focused on delivering innovative solutions for sport and exercise for vulnerable groups. MyMoves focuses on wheelchair users and elderly. Sensor watch A sensor watch collects real-time information on the user’s movement behavior. This information can …

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OSAJA – Wearable blood oxygen sensor

Reliable wearable blood oxygen sensor Within the OSAJA feasibility project 2M investigates how to create the optimal light path so that heart rate and SPO2 can be measured reliably under all conditions. Conditions that typically lead to problems are when there is a lot of movement like when people are running. Based on this knowledge …

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Rejiva – Wireless biofeedback patch (ECG & Activity)

Consumer device that monitors lifestyle 2M did a number of projects for the Ruijven Rejiva. The Rejiva is the first wireless biofeedback patch that captures overall health, manages stress, appraises the aging process, and tracks sleep and energy level. Rejiva measures Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Respiratory Rate, Sleep Position, Restfulness, Breathing Index, and …

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