Contactless Infrared Temperature Sensor

Accurate temperature measurements over a distance from 25-75cm   The CIR-100 contactless infrared temperature sensor is a truly unique temperature sensing solution that combines fast and accurate temperature measurements comparable to oral body temperature with the freedom to measure this over a distance ranging from 25-75cm. Fully unobtrusive This large distance range allows for contactless …

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Biomarkers for cardiovascular disease

Platelets as biomarkers for cardiovascular disease The development of a point-of-care biomarker counter is a breakthrough in medical technology, making it possible for the first time in history to measure platelet activity quickly, easily and at low cost. Activated platelets and specific coagulation factors can be a prediction of an approaching heart attack, thrombosis or …

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Point of Care Platelet/Thrombocyte Counter

Accurate & validated platelet counts in minutes The PC100 Automated Platelet / Thrombocyte Cell Counter is a highly portable point-of-care device that accurately counts platelets or thrombocytes in whole blood as well as in Platelet Rich Plasma in minutes. The Automated Platelet Cell Counter is a medical device which removes the need to count Thrombocytes (platelets) …

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Fluorescence imaging techniques for detection of oral cancer

Fast & reliable oral cancer detection In the last years 2M coordinated two European projects around early cancer detection. 2M build up extensive knowhow and expertise on fluorescence imaging techniques for detection of oral cancer. Reliable recognition of cancerous cells The first project was a fundamental research  project to create the technological and medical essential …

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Photonic sensor & laser technology to test & treat bladder cancer

Doctors and engineers develop photonic sensor technology better bladder cancer treatment Today, bladder cancer is one of the most expensive diseases to treat in the western world. The MIB project is a European research project where engineers and medical doctors develop new instruments for detecting bladder cancer.  Multi-modal, Endoscopic Biophotonic Imaging of Bladder Cancer for …

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Contactless body length / height sensor

Accurately measures human body height 2M is creating a clinical grade non-invasive contactless body length / height sensor intended to measure the body length of humans and to calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI) of users. Class 1m medical product The sensing technology is based on ultrasonic wave technology. The solution also calculates Body Mass …

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