Point of Care Biomarkers

Biomarkers – platelets as biomarkers for cardiovascular disease Innovation The development involves an affordable and reliable measurement method, which can be applied in point-of-care instruments, focusing specifically on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, thrombosis and strokes). This is technically very complicated, because very small amounts of the substance to be detected in a …

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PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Separation Centrifuge

Sensor controlled Platelet Rich Plasma Separation Centrifuge Angelina is the first completely automated blood centrifuge for autologous PRP generation in one straight sequence without having to remove or transfer the blood outside the device. High quality PRP without hassle Angelina is easy to use and its disposable processing kit is affordable and easy to replace …

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Fluorescence imaging techniques for detection of oral cancer

Status Quo Key features Specifications of the EDOCAL system Combining fluorescence & conventional imaging techniques Improved fluorescence using multi-wavelength laser technology Technological solution based on the combination of a multi-laser sensor, image reference database and analytical software/algorithms. This solution provides effective diagnostic indications of tissue under investigation. Conventional camera based imaging An oral imaging system that helps …

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Photonic sensor & laser technology to test & treat bladder cancer

Clinical need The clinician wants to distinguish between healthy and neoplastic (cancerous) tissue, and if the tissue is neoplastic he wants to know how advanced the tumour is. The definition of advanced is given by the depth of growth into the bladder wall and is called tumour-stage. The clinician also wants to know how aggressive …

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Point of Care Platelet/Thrombocyte Counter

The PC100 is a complete Counting solution consisting of the counting device and disposable kit available for whole blood or PRP. disposable kit consists of biochemical reagent and disposable counting slides. Validated accuracy The platelet counter PC100 is validated for human whole blood and PRP measurements. The validation ranges for whole blood are [20-600] and for …

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Medical device control module with integrated display

Medical Device Module Specifications Main application User Interface Connectivity Product design RoHS and REACH compliant Modularity and fast customisation to new medical devices The modular architecture allows for fast customisation of the main application and user interface to your specifications. You define how the medical device should work and we implement the complete functionality including …

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Effective disinfection of medical devices with LEDs

Benefits of disinfection with LEDs Possible applications Proven cleanness – add UV(-C) Sensors Patches 2M has developed tiny IoT connected UV(-C) sensor patches. These can be placed on objects and in rooms to have proof that objects are properly disinfected or not.  Partners BeWell Innovations, 2M Engineering

ThromboSpin – full automatic LTA sample preparation

Thrombospin blood sample preparation device Thrombospin is a controlled table top device with disposable blood separation containers. The system is intended to be used in a clinical setting by qualified professionals for obtaining PRP and PPP from whole blood and counting platelet concentrations in platelet rich plasma (PRP) from a sample of one of this …

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Noninvasive monitoring of blood glucose – multi-laser Raman Spectroscopy

The problem of diabetes Diabetes is an rapidly growing chronic disease with dramatic effects and causes a severe burden on those affected. Today there are around 220 million people globally diagnosed with diabetes. Managing diabetes is a must to prevent further complications and to provide a better quality of life for suffers. Research  by Newman …

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