Fiber optic sensor(s) for gas, water & hydrogen leakage detection

Innovation – new, cost efficient optic fiber sensor technology The innovation in this project includes the development of a new, cost-efficient optic fiber sensor, and its integration into the existing production process of fittings, flanges, measuring systems and similar applications. Added value of fiber optic sensor technology – reduce downtime and maintenance costs The social …

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Industrial wear sensor for compressors – RSens

taking the guesswork out of maintenance planning Accurate measurements from within the compressor Today’s problem if you want to do preventative maintenance is the need to manually open the compressor to check for wear and service requirements. Furthermore it is impossible to perform real-time measurements inside the compressor when operational. The solution 2M created together …

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Smart Gasket Sensor for remote leakage detection

More information SmartGasket detailed information… Customers and Deployment We currently work with a world leading gasket supplier. Partners 2M Engineering – Development/industrialization of innovative medical and industrial (sensor) solutions FOCE – Fiber-optical communication technology KeyTec Netherlands B.V. – manufacturer