Fiber optic sensor(s) for gas, water & hydrogen leakage detection

Smart fiber optic sensor(s) for condition-based maintenance of underground infrastructures In this project, a living lab for condition-based maintenance of underground infrastructure by means of smart fiber optic sensor(s) and monitoring will be established by a consortium of SME companies and knowledge institutions, led by 2M Engineering. Fiber optic sensor technology for pipes fittings and …

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Industrial wear sensor for compressors – RSens

Industrial wear sensor for compressors taking the guesswork out of maintenance planning 2M Engineering developed, certified and produces an industrial wear sensor to measure wear inside gas or oil compressors. The so-called RSens is commercialized by Howden Thomassen Compression Systems. Rsens™ is a radically new concept that allows you to measure the condition of the rider rings …

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Smart Gasket Sensor for remote leakage detection

Intelligent gasket for leakage detection Gas, oil, water and many other gasses and fluids are transported by pipelines. Leakage can occur at places where pipes are connected. Consequences of leakages can be spillage, uncontrolled pollution or causing dangerous situations. 2M create a smart gasket sensor system which consists of an intelligent photonics based gasket sensor …

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