RSens – Accurate measuring wear within industrial compressors2017-08-29T10:30:30+00:00

Project Description


Industrial wear sensor provides accurate and reliable wear measurements inside gas or oil compressors

2M Engineering developed, certified and produces an industrial wear sensor to measure wear inside gas or oil compressors. The so-called RSens is commercialized by Howden Thomassen Compression Systems.
Today’s problem if you want to do preventative maintenance is the need to manually open the compressor to check for wear and service requirements. Furthermore it is impossible to perform real-time measurements inside the compressor when operational. The solution 2M created together with our partner is a sensor that can withstand the extreme conditions inside a compressor, while measuring in real time to within an accuracy of 50 microns. Besides usage in the petrochemical industry it can also be used in other industrial application where distance measurements needs to take place under extreme conditions.

Key features

  • Provides accurate and reliable wear measurements inside gas or oil compressors
  • Works under extreme temperature and pressure conditions in harsh environments with aggressive gases and fluids
  • Reduces maintenance and service costs, increases safety and machine uptime
  • Patented technology
  • ATEX certified: explosion zone 0, T1-T4
R-Sens Industrial Wear Sensor